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Leather Cluster Barcelona is born

The reference group of the leather industry value chain

With the aim of promoting the leather sector, more than 40 agents and companies have joined to form Leather Cluster Barcelona.

Leather Cluster Barcelona, was established to represent the interests of the Barcelona area leather sector. The mission of the LCB is to coordinate and energize the efforts of all companies and agents in the value chain of the leather industry in Catalonia, and to increase competitiveness, improve efficiency and boost the growth of the joint business.

LCB promote synergies and collaboration between companies, research and knowledge centers and other agents. In addition, the LCB creates, an ecosystem of cooperative, business, education, as well as scientific and environmental practices, around the leather industry. These are the fundamental reasons for the creation of the Leather Cluster Barcelona.

Leather Cluster Barcelona promotes the improvement of the business competitiveness of the leather sector of Catalonia based on its corporate values: sustainability, fashion, research, innovation and training. The values that are integral in the management of the cluster and guide its performance.

The LCB strategy and commitment are the internationalization, technology and development of transversal projects vital in helping promote the needs of its members.

Leather Cluster Barcelona associates have an aggregate turnover of 300 million euros, employ about 1,200 workers and export 80% of the production.

The new leather cluster has its capital in Igualada and its headquarters in the Adoberia Bella, European Interpretation Center of Quality Leather.

Under the management of Jordi Vidal, the cluster has the intention to incorporate new members and is open to all enterprises and agents in the value chain of the leather sector: farms, meat industry companies, tanneries, chemists, environmental sustainability companies and manufacturers and fashion brands in leather.