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Meet CyberForum at PERMIDES Final Conference "Empowering Personalized Medicine through Digital Solutions"

The PERMIDES Final Conference will take place in Utrecht on June, 12th 2018. It will showcase how PERMIDES supported empowering personalized medicine through digital solutions and thus contributes to boosting innovation potential of SMEs in Europe! PERMIDES is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by CyberForum e.V.

The attendance of the conference is free of charge, but registration required athttps://precisionmedicineforum.com/benelux-2018/permides-2018-register/

Digital technologies and new business models based on them offer manifold novel medical services with new forms of improved access to a wider range of population. PERMIDES is an EU funded project supporting more than 45 innovation projects in this area. This conference showcases the most successful projects and brings together the involved experts and innovation drivers.

Join the event and be part the digital value chain of precision medicine. Share your insights!



09h00    Opening words / Achievements of the PERMIDES Project 

Tamara Högler (PERMIDES coordinator, CyberForum e.V.) Steve Coldicott (Precision Medicine Forum)


09h10    Empowering Personalized Medicine through Digital Solutions, Part 1

Innovative Screening Process for the Development of Personalized Anticancer TreatmentGaelle Saint-Auret, GENEL (France)

Metabolic Pathway AnalysisMartin Buratti, Biocrates Life Sciences AG (Austria)  &Stefan Zugal, Evaluation Software Development GmbH (Austria)

Priorization and Pathway Analysis by Machine LearningMarianthi Logotheti, e-NIOS Applications Ltd. (Greece) &Damià Heine Suñer, Genosalut (Spain)

A Cloud-Based Modular Database Structure for Discovering Novel Microbiome Patterns Mirko Jaumann, HB Technologies AG (Germany)

Automated Linker Selection for a Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitor Drug Discovery PlatformMarius Yildiz, Avergen Pharmaceuticals GmbH (Germany) &Marcus Gastreich, BioSolveIT GmbH (Germany)

Software Framework for Omics Signature and Annotation Mapping on Bladder Ccancer InteractomesArno Lukas, emergentec biodevelopment GmbH (Austria) &Maria Frantzi, mosaiques-diagnostics GmbH (Germany)

A Personalized Companion Diagnostic for Rheumatoid Arthritis PatientsDag Are Steenhoff Hov, PubGene AS (Norway)

Immunoprofiling-Based Analysis Platform for Biomarker Discovery and IdentificationJosef Scheiber, BioVariance GmbH (Germany)


10h30    Break & networking


11h00    Keynote

Keynote Anna Gran, Johnson&Johnson Innovation (tbc)


11h25    Empowering Personalized Medicine through Digital Solutions, Part 2

More Physical Therapist ChatbotPaolo Ariano, Morecognition Srl  (Italy)

In Ovo Test ControllerBruno Bouyssounouse, INOVOTION (France)

Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Predictive Diagnostic Solution Dedicated to COPD PatientsJean-Charles Michel, Zetapush (France)

Biology Oriented Library Design for E3 LigasesLars Ole Haustedt, AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH (Germany)

Improving autoimmune conditions with an AI self-help appVedrana Högqvist Tabor, VLM Health UG (Germany) &Per Almquist, Time Well Spent AB (Sweden)

Deep Learning For Rapid and Accurate Diagnostics of DNA Damage in Individual CellsHelmut Hlavacs, Robimo GmbH (Austria)


12h25    Wrap-up and outlook


12h30    End

Break & Lunch / check-in / check-out


13h30 Benelux Precision Medicine Forum Opening

NOTE: separate registration required