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Nanoprogress supports the education of children in Africa and you can too

We became one of the official sponsors of the Hope of Cape Verde, endowment fund that works with local organizations, governmental representatives, businesses, and individuals to jointly create a safe environment in order to ensure education and more promising future of poor Cabo Verdean children.


Hope of Cape Verde in 2018 earned € 10,000 and helped together with local municipality of Santa Cruz establish six youth centres and equip them with computers, television and  internet access. Because of this, the poorest families could for the first time connect to computer or watch the news.




Currently another project is running, with the objective to get financial support for the purchase of three buses that would be taking poor children to schools and provide them also school supplies. The reason for acquisition of the busses is that the majority of the children go daily to school waking more than 20 km without being accompanied by their parents where many of them interrupt the study and do not finish it and even have health problems.


This is the project we support both financially as official sponsor and also by helping to get more partners. It captivated our interest because it is supporting the education of poor children which is in our opinion the right direction to go. It is tackling the current challenges that the county faces and help to build better future for next generations and to secure sustainable development.


Please help as well. There are many ways to support this honourable cause. You can became official sponsor or simply contribute by any value. Please also inform all your partners, acquaintances and friends about this project. Every help counts and the children really need it. Such initiative makes this world better and gives hope to the children and hope to all Cape Verde.


Thank you.  


Luboš Komárek.


Hope of Cabo Verde, endowment fund ǀ VAT:CZ 07717709

email: ǀ mob: +420 736446317

Account No.: 5530551339/0800 ǀ IBAN: CZ60 0800 0000 0055 3055 1339 ǀ BIG/SWIFT: GIBACZBY

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charitaCV/ ǀ Instagram: @nadacnifondnadejecaboverde


Link to the interview in the national television at their official FB (in Czech language) here.