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Northern Germany at a glance...

Süderelbe AG is the network for the promotion of the aviation and aerospace industry in the region of Northern Germany.

Our fields of expertise:


  • Süderelbe AG is a leading cluster for the industrial production of large civil aircraft in Europe. Our core competencies cover design, development, production and assembly of large aerostructure components.
  • Northern Germany is the hotspot for General and Business Aviation. Supported by the excellent infrastructure available to the industry, we suppport your General Aviation business development and innovation.
  • The reduction of weight, material and energy plays a key role in many parts of industrial innovation. Northern Germany is one of Germany`s leading locations for lightweight technology.
  • Süderelbe AG offers access to regional, national and international business networks in the aerospace industry. As a central point of contact for Northern Germany , we offer to find the right partners for your business ventures. Within our networks we provide access to more than 300 partners along the entire aerospace value chain.