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The Packaging Cluster presents 6 innovation projects to improve the competitiveness of SMEs, together with several members of the entity

16 companies and entities participate with innovative value-added proposals for the industry and an estimated budget of more than € 800,000


On the 22nd of May, grants were published to support Innovative Business Groups for 2020, with the aim of improving the situation and competitiveness of SMEs through support to clusters. These groups help to alleviate the consequences of market deficiencies, related to problems of size and coordination, by generating networking between companies that are part of the innovative ecosystem, thus establishing knowledge flows and providing examples of good practice at the national level. 

The estimated budget for the 6 projects that have been submitted amounts to € 813,591, of which more than half would be subsidized, a total of € 462,021 in aid. The generation of R&D&i projects with complementary companies and knowledge centers is one of the entity's strategic lines, following the trends that set the sector, such as sustainability, digitization or intersectoral collaboration.

The first of the projects that should be mentioned and that has been promoted by the Packaging Cluster is Packvision, on how intelligent production allows reaching zero error, together with AIS Vision SystemsE21 and Industrias Plásticas Triana. This initiative aims to introduce artificial vision technology into the current production system so that product packaging printing defects, as well as their handling and injection, are reduced. This would favor the quality of the production process, technology 4.0. and new, higher-value customer segments could be accessed by replicating the example.

On the other hand, Cartontech is a project developed together with 3D ClickCapsa and Kartox, to incorporate collaborative platforms in the packaging industry that promote the selection, configuration, sale and distribution process of personalized cardboard packaging. With technology such as Augmented Reality3D or electronic commerce, suppliers will be able to prototype with the design of the box and improve the shopping experience of their customers. The collaboration methodology allows digitalization to be brought closer to companies, streamline processes and reduce costs, following the trend in e-commerce in the wake of the health crisis.

The Smartlabels project is also committed to integrating new printing technologies, in the manufacture of smart labels without direct contact, in which the Packaging Cluster participates together with the Food Cluster of Galicia, the members Eurecat and IPE Industria Gráfica, the Cooperativa  Vitivinícola Arousana SCG (Paco&Lola) and Bodega Matarromera. This inter-cluster consortium, between different autonomous communities such as Catalonia and Galicia, has come together to develop labels with devices that allow adding strategic value to the security and traceability product, as well as offering greater information on the end user consumer of the wine product.

For their part, NG PlasticsProtecnos and the Packaging Cluster have joined forces to implement the Connecting Machines initiative focused on the Pharma and Food sector to remotely manage orders for the manufacture of packaging injected with specific software. The knowledge of both organizations joins, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, to offer a tool that reduces machine consumption and optimizes energy, in a clean and innovative way.

Likewise, independently, the Packaging Cluster has once again opted for Industry 4.0. and, in this case, in the organization of virtual events. A project has been presented that will study the viability of the Marketplace or Virtual Fairs in the packaging sector, for the reconversion of the ecosystem in the current context that makes it difficult to meet professionals in person. These new interpersonal and inter-company relationships have affected the different communication channels, supporting the investment in digital platforms that resolve these limitations.

Finally, a study has also been presented on the feasibility of deploying a competitive intelligence system, in the Agri-Food and Packaging Sector, called INTELFOODPACK, with the food cluster of the Valle del Ebro, based in La Rioja, the Cluster Food+i; as well as with the analysts of Idiogram and Iberfruta, fruit suppliers. Thus, indicators will be generated to analyze the market of both clusters and enhance their strategic decisions, public and private, national and international. The study affects the food and beverage industry, which is in strong growth and is the generator of important improvements for society and the quality of life.

In this sense, the cluster recently launched a new web platform that includes 15 proposals for innovation projects suggested by the members, using the previous form that is carried out, to help them define lines of research and promote consortia for the development of projects. If your company is a member of the cluster and you want to participate in a project or have an idea that you want to share, you just have to fill out the following form and we will contact you.