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The Packaging Cluster will make a donation to the Hospital Parc Taulí, to collaborate with the health system


The Packaging Cluster will contribute financially to face the current crisis with a donation of 25% of the quota of its members, during a month of State of Alarm

Various actions and initiatives have been developed from the cluster to support the entire network that groups the entity


We live difficult times in which we face an obligatory confinement, decreed by the State of Alarm in which we find ourselves, and in which many companies have had to close their doors to combat the health crisis caused by COVID-19. In this context, the cluster advocates reinforcing the service to its members and collaborating in improving the current situation, to the 86 companies that comprise it, and of its human teams.

In the first place, one of the initiatives that will be carried out is the realization of an economic contribution to society in the fight against the coronavirus, prioritizing the purchase of sanitary material, food for at-risk groups, specific R&D projects or others. After presenting the proposal to the Board of Directors of the cluster, it was decided to allocate 25% of the membership fees during this first month of alarm to the Hospital Parc Taulí, in Sabadell, for two main reasons: for participating actively, together with the Technological Center Leitat (founding partner of the cluster) and other institutions and companies, in the development of 3D respirators in record time, which can improve the situation of many people; and on the other hand, the entity thought that the best investment they could make was to collaborate with the city that hosts the entity.

As part of the entity’s commitment, it have led a “Packaging industry statement” (see here) to consider the entire packaging sector as strategic and systemic, guaranteeing the supply of basic products. In its position as representative of all the members that make up the cluster organization, it makes itself available to the administration to mediate between both parties, highlighting the fundamental work of packaging as a protective element of the product that maintains the necessary sanitary conditions for its consumption.

Therefore, communication at this time is essential to keep us informed and make decisions accordingly. To do this, the cluster organizes between 2 and 3 weekly webinars related to important topics, either: how do I adapt to the new measures adopted and what consequences do they have on the sector; how do I communicate with my clients or workers, who are confined at home, without been aggressive or intrusive; or how to telework without losing the productivity that we are used to. Also, recently it has been launched the “Packaging Brunch”, which is an online meeting of about 30 minutes, where managers share between them their experiences in managing the health crisis.

In this context, the cluster is committed to promoting new R&D&I projects focused on digitization and sustainability, at the state and European level, to facilitate collaborative innovation, market diversification and internationalization, as well as the adaptation to the needs of the new situation. This requires the financing of the administration and the involvement of the cluster members.

Each one of the initiatives proposed has the objective of contributing to improving the situation and joining forces in this battle that belongs to everyone.