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Parkbob, the smart parking solution, wins at Paris Motor Show 2018

Mondial Tech Impact Connected Car
  • The startup accelerated by IMPACT Connected Car was selected as the winner in the category of “Connectivity & ITS” at Mondial.Tech Awards 2018.
  • Routing algorithms and universal charges for electric cars, as well as data management for vehicles, were other of the solutions presented at Mondial.Tech, the B2B event of Mondial de l’Auto 2018.


The acceleration programme IMPACT Connected Car was present at Mondial.Tech, a B2B event for mobility innovators and startups in the automotive sector organized in parallel with the Paris Motor Show 2018. From October 1st to 6th, a total of 40,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors participated in the event, which was an opportunity for startups and SMEs from around the world to meet and exchange visions on mobility in the automotive sector.


Parkbob, the winner of Mondial.Tech Startup Award on Connectivity & ITS

Parkbob, accelerated by IMPACT Connected Car, was selected as the winner in the category of “Connectivity & ITS” at the Mondial.Tech Startup Awards. Parkbob’s digitalisation enables a seamless last mile experience by delivering context-aware parking rules and restrictions, as well as real-time on-street park-ability. When asked about why they created their solution, Maximilian Mayer, Business Developer of the startup, commented: “When you arrive at your destination, you don't know if you are allowed to park. Do you have to pay? Or is it only for residents?” The jury selected Parkbob as a winner due to their innovative solutions and the quality of the pitch. As Mayer stated, “It is great to be here at Mondial.Tech, because we are actually licensing this information to companies and OEMs, navigation providers and car sharers, and they are here just once every two years. It is an opportunity to meet them face to face and discuss the future of mobility.”


The selection committee was composed of Benoit Joly, Groupe Renault, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for connected mobility and autonomous services; François Dossa, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Head of Alliance Ventures; Christina Bechhold Russ, Samsung NEXT Ventures; Holger G. Weiss, German Autolabs, Founder & CEO; Jean-Laurent Franchineau, VEDECOM, Director of Eco-Mobility; and François Warcollier, Fidal, Manager.


Finalists at the Mondial.Tech Startup Awards

In the category “Security, Automatization and Cybersecurity,”  CARFIT, based in France and the USA, pitched their AI-based technology that reads the vibration of the vehicle to make the car maintenance easier and mobility safer. CARFIT, also accelerated by IMPACT Connected Car, blends Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) automotive science with artificial intelligence to create the most comprehensive library of car vibrations. This software solution can be integrated into today’s cars in the manufacturing process, but they developed a device to use this technology with older models, as well. Some of these devices were hidden in the building during Mondial.Tech and could be found with the CARFIT Beacons app. This self-diagnostic & predictive maintenance platform provides dealers and service companies, as well as car owners, with individualized predictive maintenance info on their car.


In the “Connectivity & ITS” category, Xapix, another IMPACT Connected Car accelerated startup, was a finalist. Xapix offers fast and simple data connections for mobility applications. This startup, with offices in Germany and the USA, proposes a solution to access, use, and monetize data in the connected vehicle space. It lets businesses create simple and easy-to-integrate connections between existing and new systems in the form of APIs.


Other smart mobility solutions on the rise: a trip planner and a universal charging solution for electric cars

Two other IMPACT Connected Car startups, Chargetrip and Spark Horizon, also showcased their solutions for electric vehicles during Mondial.Tech.


Chargetrip develops routing algorithms combined with an intuitive trip planner that makes it easy to take any electric car beyond the range of the battery. This solution from the Netherlands is an API-based SaaS platform for electric mobility.


On the other hand, Spark Horizon offers a universal charging solution for different types of electric cars. This Swiss company conceives, installs and operates the first European network of free charging stations for electric vehicles, sustained by AI-based advertising.


The purpose of Mondial.Tech, as well as one of the aims of the IMPACT Connected Car project, is to bring together key players involved in the automotive industry and the mobility of tomorrow. Furthermore, IMPACT Connected Car has received funding from the European Commission in order to help value chain players better adapt products and production processes and improve compatibility in the mobility sector.


The programme is now accepting applications for its second and final open call until the 18th of October 17:00 CEST.


About IMPACT Connected Car

IMPACT Connected Car is offering connected car startups up to €60,000 equity-free to fund solutions in IoT, safety and security, vehicle management, and more. The programme aims at creating value link-chains for innovation in the Connected Car open space, with vehicle, infrastructure and device and TelCo interactions and consumer and business services, through the acceleration and smartization of over 60 disruptive SMEs. To this end, the project will distribute €2.1 million funding, equity-free over two open calls.


IMPACT Connected Car is led by top players in the fields of innovation and automobiles, including ISDI, FundingBox, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Ferrovial Servicios, CTAG, FIA, Groupe PSA, the FIWARE Foundation, PARP, Insero, Mov'eo, MSAK, LPNT, Argus, HEVO, Little Electric Car, and Botcar.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731343.