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Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Development begins


On the 9th of January, began the Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Development, by the Sarrià Chemical Institute (IQS) in collaboration with Packaging Cluster. This training is given with the aim of offering the tools and knowledge to carry out projects of definition, design and creation of packaging as a protective element and product presentation. This postgraduate is understood within the framework of the Master in Packaging Management, which also hosts the Postgraduate in Packaging Management and the Postgraduate in Packaging Supply Chain Management.

As a first postgraduate activity, the participants of the specialized master in packaging went to visit Vidrala, manufacturer of glass bottles, on the 10th of January. The training is given in a blended mode, which consists of dividing the sessions into classroom classes and online classes, so this time it was possible to enjoy a face-to-face session at the Vidrala facilities.

Vidrala is a manufacturer of glass bottles based in Spain (Llodio) and 6 plants in the Iberian Peninsula. The participants of the postgraduate of design and development of packaging that develops during the second quarter of the master’s degree of packaging, developed the formation of glass container in the Vidrala – Castellar plant, by the hand of Eliseu Alós, specialist engineer of the service process to the customer support of Vidrala.

The combination of the theoretical session followed by the practical visit to the plant proved to be a good way to understand the complex process of forming the glass bottle, since they visualize the process that is required for its elaboration. In addition, Eliseu’s expertise and passion for the glass industry motivated the group to continue training in the field to improve the sector and its impact.

We would like to thank Vidrala company for its collaboration with the Master in Packaging Management, for opening its doors, as well as motivate the learning in the discipline of packaging applied to the glass industry. These initiatives are part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, as they collaborate in the dissemination of knowledge in Schools and University to improve the economic model and understand the ins and outs that move the industry of the 21st Century.