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Review of SmartCityTech activities in the SmartCityExpo 2018

Review of the participation of SmartCityTech in the SmartCityExpo in Barcelona

From the 13th to the 15th of November, the SmartCityTech partnership participated in the SmartCityExpo in Barcelona. We did not have our own booth but some of our partner regions had their own ones and some of the clusters had some space there like Bavaria and Flanders. Amec (Catalan Industrial Cluster) on their own part had their own booth in the exhibition.

First of all, the 12th of November we held our internal partner meeting in Amec’s office (Barcelona) where we had the chance to advance in the ESCT Go Global project and to align our activities for the Expo. Then, on the morning of the 13th, we organized a workshop in order to study the best scenarios for our mission to the USA for the year 2019. It will be our target country for our activities within the next year.

During the three expo days, we visited different regional pavilions (Flanders, Bavaria, France, Grenoble, Lyon, Spain, Nordics, India) as an alliance and we had the chance to talk with the companies represented there. We also took the opportunity to visit the USA pavilion and try to identify some interesting partners which might help us to take ideas and prepare for our mission next year. It is important to mention that we had the opportunity to present the partnership at Central Agora (space for presentation in the middle of the Expo) and we gave chance to some of our companies to present their own solutions related with Smart Cities and to the city of Antwerp to present some of their initiatives.

These were the speakers during our presentation:

  • EngageCitizen (Portugal)                             engagecitizen.com/
  • Masermic (Spain)                                         www.masermic.com/empresa/en/index.php
  • Option (Belgium)                                          www.option.com
  • OpenDataSoft (France)                                www.opendatasoft.com
  • Sensefields (Spain)                                       sensefields.com
  • SICE (Spain)                                                    www.sice.com/en
  • City of Antwerp (Belgium)                           atypicalantwerp.be
  • Ubiwhere (Portugal)                                     www.ubiwhere.com/
  • Ui! The Urban Institute (Germany)            www.ui.city/en/


Thank you to all who presented their companies and initiatives and to those who hosted us at their booths!