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Romania - in the Forefront of the European Digital Innovation Hubs

Romania ranked first among the 26 partners of the largest European Digital Innovation Hubs Network focused on robotics, exceeding the goals set with 230% for IT companies and 210% for factories. Romanian technology providers and end users have proved genuine interest in the support offered for development of agile solutions and increase in automation in the production field.

This position within the network, together with other successes achieved under the umbrella of Transylvania Digital Innovation Hub, places Romania among the 5 finalists of the DIH Champions Challenge 2019 alongside Data Cycle Hub (Spain), Digital Hub Logistics Dortmund (Germany), IAM 3D HUB (Spain) and SuperIoT AI DIH (Finland). The winner will be announced this November 14th, in Madrid, during the Stakeholder Forum. 

As a next step, Transilvania IT Cluster will organize within the DIH² project a session of bilateral meetings between the registered technical providers and end users, to form consortia and access the 248,000 euro in equity free funding.The event will take place on December 9, in Cluj-Napoca. 

Companies will receive assistance from Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub experts, in order to complete the subsequent stages of the project. Also, during the event, participants will be informed about other financing and development opportunities in the field of automation, as well as the main platforms for integrating available solutions.

DIH² | We accelerate factories through robotics,  implemented under Horizon 2020 program, facilitates connections that allow agile production to meet the demands of dynamic markets, where organisational change and digital transformation are authentic sources of competitive advantage.


Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub works strategically to catalyze regional innovation potential and capabilities. On the other hand, it acts as provider of competences, know-how, innovation programs, support for startups and SMEs. With a vision to increase competitivity through an innovative mix between technologies, skills, systemic approach, operational models, it engages relevant regional stakeholders and proactively adapts to European and global trends. Transilvania DIH sets the framework for  digital transformation in all businesses and public sector through a cross-sectoral approach.

Transilvania IT Cluster, created in 2013 by ARIES Transilvania, currently includes over 100 members - 30% startups, 50% SMEs, 20% large companies, 2 universities, 2 public administration entities, cumulating a turnover of 320 million euros and more than 7,700 employees. Transylvania IT Cluster holds the Gold Label Certification.


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