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Solutions catalogue IoT agrifood

CALL 2020

Cluster of Information Technologies of the State of Colima, Civil Association


A business technology local, national and international that have Internet solutions Industrial of Things ( IIoT ) applied to industry Agrifood, to form the catalog of solutions that will be promoted during 2020 through the Innovation Center Industrial Agrifood in attention to any of the following categories:

  • Irrigation management,
  • Mapping plots,
  • Climate monitoring,
  • Crop monitoring,
  • Predictive analytics crop,
  • Remote equipment monitoring,
  • Intelligent logistics and storage,
  • Other associated agrifood value chain.


  • Companies interested in listing in the catalog solutions should send your resume along with the data of the contact person.
  • Send the presentation on IoT solution format pdf with a maximum of five pages.
  • The solution should be specialized in a specific culture or process of production, processing or marketing determined.
  • The solution must have a business model or proven useful.
  • The company must submit three letters of recommendation from customers who currently use the technology solution presented.
  • Accepted solutions will be offered to producers and companies in the region agrolaimentarias visiting in Agrifood Industrial Innovation Center.
  • Companies that have the certification of the cluster will be given priority.
  • Closure of the call on March 31 at 18:00.

Ms. Amelia Sanchez Espinal.
Services Manager