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Space for Sea workshop – A great success!

How Earth Observation services can benefit European companies? This was the common theme of the second IDEEO event that took place in Brest on November 22nd 2018.
More than 60 participants attended the workshop and learned on various topics, such as real-time marine weather forecasts, global surface currents from AIS and satellite observation data fusion.
After the presentation of the Blue Growth economical priorities by Fabienne Jacq (EC representative) and the Copernicus benefits for Blue Growth by Laurence Crosnier (Mercator Ocean representative), 7 French SMEs and service providers presented their EO services for the maritime sector: Hytech Imaging (spectral imaging), Terra Maris (remote sensing, modelling), Exwexs (weather expertise), Ocean Data Lab (multi-modal analysis), Smart n Go (maritime transport, freight), Semsoft (data aggregation) and e-Odyn (maritime big data).
The IDEEO project was presented to the audience through Christopher Oligschlaeger presentation (EARSC). An emphasis was made on the development of international markets for EO companies, with a focus on IDEEO selected countries which are Australia and Chile.
Two round tables were organized during the day to discuss (1) how EO services can support innovation in the maritime sector and (2) the internationalization of EO industries for Blue Growth.
Speakers from EO companies, port authorities, space experts and economists were here to give their view on the two topics and gave good ideas and feedbacks on some issues that were raised that day.

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