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TECES for Greater Visibility of Slovenian Clusters to Catalonia

Through informal association Slovenian clusters and at the invitation of the partner TM-ICT is TECES responding to the invitation of the Catalan Agency for Clusters ACCIO to official bilateral working meeting, which the Slovenian side is supporting also with the representatives of Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

The purpose of the meeting in Catalonia is to strengthen cooperation with Catalan clusters and clusters across Europe and to explore possible ways for systemic financing arrangements of innovation clusters. In Catalonia, under the aegis and with the active participation of government and the Accio agency which operates 30 clusters of various sizes, clusters have contributed significantly to the export of the Catalan economy in the last ten years.

Clusters are in the majority of European regional smart specialization strategies identified as a delivery mechanism to play an important role in the provision of innovative activity of regions. In the role of supporting business and innovation environment they operation is characterized by neutrality in the integration process and professional attitude in implementing both small as well complex programs and projects in the country and the region.

Managers and directors of Slovenian clusters will meet with clusters representatives of different fields (ICT, Energy Efficiency, Smart buildings cluster and Packaging cluster) on 24th and 25th of May 2016, in Catalonia, Spain.