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Third Regional Alliance meeting by the European Initiatives Center

The Ukranian partner of Danube Energy+ - the European Initiatives Center, held their Third Regional Alliance Meeting in Uzhhorod, Ukraine on the 16th of October 2019.

Members of the Regional Alliance, representatives of associations and professional institutions, regional development agencies, scientists and professors at the Uzhgorod National University discussed the learning system for key regional ecosystem actors as well as pre-acceleration scheme for Young Innovators, developed within the project.

The Regional Alliance members were impressed by the high level of the developed materials by the DANUBE ENERGY + project and emphasized the importance of a complementary approach in terms of introduction of different instruments aimed at multiplication of the results and accumulating as well as sharing the best practices in the field of energy efficiency.

Each of the 9 project partners formed a Regional Alliance t the start of the project - a group of  representatives of business and industry, education institutions and the local startup ecosystem (startups, incubators etc.). The purpose of the Regional Alliance meetings is to gather feedback on the most important topics of Danube Energy+, including: the Danube Energy+ Tool, Ecosystem