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URBAN INNO supported the Nationwide hackathon #HACK2017 (trento IT)

CyberForum is a project partner within the Interreg CE project URBAN INNO, which fosters citizen participation and innovation within urban environments.

Recently, as a part of the activities of the Tento pilot, URBAN INNO supported the organization of the #HACK2017 event, 7-8 October 2017. With this action URBAN INNO enabled the participation of Trento to the biggest italian hackathon promoted by the Italian Digital Transformation Team in collaboration with Codemotion, which involve 25 Italian cities and one foreign headquarters in San Francisco, more than 80 technology communities and more than 1000  nationwide developers. The Trento event attracted about 50-60 participants.

Through this action, all developers across Italy have been called to support the work already started by "developers.italia.it", the community created in March 2017 by the Digital Transformation Team in collaboration with AgID - Italian Digital Agency, in order to accelerate the digitalization of the public administration in Italy. This hackathon - a true marathon of code - is a size challenge never before seen: it is the first time that a hackathon of this vastness is organized in Italy and involves so many cities at the same time.

The hackathon purpose fit very well the main action of the URBAN INNO Trento pilot: develop and test participatory process to enable innovation in the public administration and government in collaboration with local associations and citizens interested in the innovative development of the urban area.

Read more about this action and similar at: http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/URBAN-INNO/Trento-Pilot--Nationwide-hackathon--HACK2017.html