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Wave Energy Work Group gathers international companies at BMEW

On 31 March the Basque Energy Cluster organised another Wave Energy Work Group meeting with the presence of many international companies. As the BMEW was coming to an end, the Basque Energy Cluster invited Xavier Guillou (representative of the European Commission’s DG-MARE), the developers of “Wave Piston” and “Wave Power” converters and a group of companies specialising in marine energy from the region of Aquitaine, as part of the Euroregional project BLUESARE.

The Basque Energy Cluster held its Wave Energy Work Group during the BMEW at the BEC, with a distinguished panel of converter developers who were interested in the technology presented by the companies of the Wave Energy Value Chain of the Basque Country and Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The panel of converter developers included Wave Piston, a Danish company that has a different and innovative system to convert wave energy, and Wave Power, a British company that is developing a converter with the aim of making it commercially viable. Patxi Etxaniz, CEO of Oceantec, and Arrecife Systems also presented their converters. The latter is a new member of the Basque Energy Cluster and has a different system inspired by ocean reefs.

After hearing about the needs and capabilities of the developers, it was time to offer them solutions. A group of companies presented their products and services to the developers and potential clients. As part of the BLUESARE project, funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Basque Country-Navarre Euroregion, companies from Nouvelle-Aquitaine gave their presentations first, followed by Basque companies. A total of nine companies presented their products and services.

The session ended with a networking lunch to strengthen relations between Basque and Nouvelle-Aquitaine companies, and to have one-to-one discussions with the converter developers to get more specific information.