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AI applications in healthcare. Privacy, legal and ethical aspects overview - Webinar

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Piazza Unità Italiana 1
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First of 5 appointments on AI in diagnostics topics, on June 27th the webinar "AI applications in healthcare. Privacy, legal and ethical aspects overview" will be held in Florence, as a part of the activities of the AI4Diag European project (Strategic Cluster Partnership for increased competitiveness of European Medical Diagnostics SMEs through Artificial Intelligence).

AI applications rely on algorithms collecting, processing and analysing healthcare data, providing predictions or recommendations for diagnosis, therapy, health status, life style, nutrition etc. However, the management of health related data raises regulatory, privacy, security and ethical issues that have to be tackled properly to avoid potential hurdles in the development of AI applications. Moreover, the inherent opaque “black-box” nature of AI techniques leads to other legal and ethical issues i.e. quality, safety and efficiency validation, operational transparency, possible bias, legal liabilities, patentability and intellectual property matters, patient data actual anonymization and privacy.

Those aspects will be addressed during the webinar by experts in the field, providing an overview and specific insights of data management, privacy, legal and ethical issues, allowing participants to identify and qualify potential pitfalls in the development of AI based applications in diagnostics and healthcare. This will also be useful for cluster organisation to better shape dedicated services to diagnostic and medtech companies.

In the afternoon, Tuscan AI companies and research groups will present their expertise and services in a networking session, allowing workshop attendants to verify potential collaborations and support for their business. 

The webinar contents will be live streamed. Register here and follow the instructions.


10:00-10:30 Greetings and AI in diagnostics possible applications overview

10:30-11:30 Legal and ethical aspects in the development of AI based solutions

11:30-11.45 Coffee break

11:45-13:30 Health data handling and management (GDPR, health data specific aspects, data security)

13:30-14:30 Light lunch

14:30-16:30 Networking session, with presentations by potential partners from Tuscany in the development of AI based solutions

For further information, please contact: Francesco Mazzini,