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Call to Investors! IMPACT Connected Car Funding Bootcamp next 27 to 29 Nov. Joining forces with other EU funded accelerators / incubators within its INVESTORS FORUM

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27/11/2018 to 29/11/2018
FYCMA Málaga
36° 43' 16.5864" N, 4° 25' 17.0364" W

#IMPACTConnectedCar Funding Bootcamp will take place in a few weeks in Málaga. There will be workshops, individual pitching sessions, public funding training & more.

We are calling Investors to join the INVESTORS FORUM!! Info below

The next Funding Bootcamp for the 1st batch of ICCAR beneficiaries will take place in Málaga from 27 to 29 Nov. 

It will be hosted by one of our partners, FIWARE FOUNDATION, within FIWARE GLOBAL SUMMIT. If you are an INVESTOR and want join do it NOW HERE (details below)


We are thrilled to announce that the FIWARE Investor Forum, will be exclusive event addressed to INVESTORS next 28th Nov, where you will get to connect with the top European startups attending the Global FIWARE Summit. There, you will be able to pitch your business concept to startups, hear what they have to offer, and meet privately with the companies that match your interests.

Startup pitching

Top startups from 5 different European accelerators/incubators will take part in the dynamic, including:

  • IMPACT Connectected Car is a project from IMPACT Accelerator, one of the top ten accelerator programs in the world and top two in Europe, targeted towards startups in the mobility sector. 
  • IMPACT Growth is a project from IMPACT Accelerator aimed towards startups in four verticals: Smart Agrifood, Smart Cities, Smart Content, and Smart Manufacturing.
  • EDI (European Data Incubator) is an Innovation Action project co-funded by the European Union aimed at facilitating startups' uptake of Big Data tools.
  • Frontier Cities is an EU funded project supporting SMEs and startups in developing Smart Mobility applications for cities across Europe.
  • FIWARE Zone is a joint initiative aimed at supporting and promoting smart solutions in different sectors of the economy and development.

FIWARE Foundation is the legal independent body providing shared resources to help achieving the FIWARE mission by promoting, augmenting, protecting, and validating the FIWARE technologies as well as the activities of the FIWARE community, empowering its members including end users, developers and rest of stakeholders in the entire ecosystem.

Private meetings with startups

After each round of startup pitching, there will be private meetings where you'll gain a better understanding of what startups have to offer and forge meaningful synergies.

Once you're done with your meetings, stay for light refreshments, and get a chance to connect with other investors and speak one-to-one with the startups in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Reverse pitching

This won't be a regular investor day, where startups pitch and investors listen.We want you to play an active role in this event, which is why we will allow investors to pitch their companies first, and then interested startups will approach the ones that best suit their interests.