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Doing Business in Asia and the importance of Intellectual Property

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ICT Cluster and China IPR SME HelpDesk are organizing a webinar in the frame of GIVE ESCP about Intellectial Propoerty and how to do business in Asia. The event will target MSMEs, start-ups, and researcher that are linked to ICT Cluster Bulgaria or its partner organisations, in particular those businesses that are either already active in the Chinese or South-east Asian Markets, or those that have an interest in doing so in the future. The primary focus of the training will be to provide an overview of the importance of having a sound intellectual property strategy in place as an integral part of a successful business strategy. Intellectual property is often overlooked by MSMEs despite being quintessential. This will be exemplified by means of best practices and various case studies of pertinence to the ICT, automotive and green-tech industries. The session will cover the following topics:

• Introduction to trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets highlighting peculiarities in key Chinese and SEA markets and how they relate to IPR registered in Bulgaria/Europe.

• Tips and best practices on how to prevent IPR infringements

• Tips on the enforcement of IPR infringements

• Tips and tricks for attending trade fairs. What to do and what not to do?

• Case studies


To attend the event, please register on the following link