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foodRegio: Personalised Nutrition Summit @ ANUGA 2019

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ANUGA Cologne
50° 56' 15.1116" N, 6° 57' 37.0044" E

On 6th October 2019, with a top-class program, the second international industry summit on personalised nutrition - NEWTRITION X - will take place in Cologne, Germany. This year NEWTRITION X will be organized in parallel to the ANUGA, the world's largest exhibition on food and nutrition. Participants have the possibility to visit both the innovation summit as well as the exhibition.

The foodRegio e.V. industry network invites decision makers from the food industry, particularly those working in the innovative fields of development, nutrition, health and wellbeing, to discover the latest findings and the potential of personalised nutrition. Learn from renowned experts in nutritional medicine, the food industry and trend research about the future of healthy eating. The full programme is available now at www.foodregio.de/NEWTRITIONX where registration is also open.

About foodRegio e.V.
The cornerstone for the North German industry network of the food industry was laid in 2005 with the merger of 14 companies in the region of Lübeck. In 2007, the foodRegio e.V. was founded. The association currently has 74 active member companies and institutions. Through events, working groups and further training offers, the member companies are supported in networking with each other. The aim of the association is also to strengthen the competitiveness of foodRegio companies and to establish the region of Northern Germany as an attractive location. Further information: www.foodregio.de