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How do we create tomorrow’s sustainable packaging?

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This question has been a hot topic for years and nothing indicates that the sustainability issue will reduce in importance in the future. Environmental issues are more relevant than ever, and the natural question is how packaging can contribute to a more sustainable future? By the way, how should we define the word sustainable? Is a sustainable package one that is made with minimal use of material and / or made from biomaterials. Is compostable solutions the right mindset and will they fit into the EU’s thoughts on the circular economy? What role will the forest play alongside clean cardboard materials? Much indicates that the forest will become an important raw material supplier for several new materials. And how will technology such as nanotechnology or graphene help in the development of more sustainable packaging solutions?

Food waste is a top priority issue and smart packaging can help to reduce food waste. Perhaps it has to be through the use of more packaging – will it still be sustainable? Or smart solutions using printed electronics that help us understand when a food product is edible or not – how should we look at them in this context?