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Edificio IBAETA 1º
Portuetxe Bidea, 14
Donostia-San Sebastian

In the framework of the European Project ICT4SILVER, co-financed by the European Cooperative Program Interreg SUDOE, GAIA-Cluster TEIC, Home Care Lab (unit of R&D of the Group Integrated Social Services - SSI) and the Technological Center TECNALIA, have organized a workshop whose objective is to respond and reflect among all the agents of the Silver Economy of the Basque Country to the following questions: Which are the needs of the market? Which are the difficulties of the companies that operate in this market?

The workshop will be focused on 5 of the fields of application cited below, and for which the Electronic, Information and Communication Technologies (EICTs) can constitute a response.

  • Social and Health Care
  • Autonomy and Permanence in the Household Environment
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Transport and Adapted Mobility
  • Prevention, Active and Healthy Aging

There are other entities from Portugal and France that also participate in the project:

  • Portugal: IPCA.PT and TICE.PT.
  • France: Aquitaine Développement Innovation, Cluster TIC Santé Aquitain, Autonom’lab, Limousin and Elopsys.