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IDEEO Workshop "Smart is the new Green"

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Masseria Fortificata San Francesco
Contrada San Francesco
40° 38' 30.6636" N, 16° 37' 10.8948" E

IDEEO is organising a workshop “SMART IS THE NEW GREEN – Digital Technologies for a profitable and sustainable agriculture" and matching event.

The IDEEO Project, meets the agricultural world of Basilicata (entrepreneurs, consultants, professionals), along with companies involved in the field of Earth observation and, more generally, ICT companies that develop applications for precision farming. The perspectives offered by this important technological sector will be discussed, to address the problems of agricultural production and the major challenges of the primary sector.

The working day is organised in two parts:

- During the morning, IDEEO’s activities will be presented as well as the potentials and developments of the Remote Sensing technologies applied to agriculture. Agricultural producers will be able to highlight their needs and clarify the demand for services, while technology suppliers will be able to illustrate their own technological offers, presenting good practices applied in other contexts.

- In the afternoon, a matchmaking event will be carried out, during which agricultural producers and technology suppliers will be able to discuss in B2B meetings for potential collaborations.

You can find the programme here!

if you would like to particicpate please register here!

For more information about the event please contact Natassa Antoniou: .