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International bioplastics cluster meeting and congress

Plastics InnoCentre
Geschwister Scholl Str. 10
Horb am Neckar
48° 27' 10.8108" N, 8° 41' 48.9048" E

On 19.09.2019 we are planning an International Bioplastics Day to exchange experiences and to initiate co-operation with various European clusters and would like to invite you to participate.

You can already register for this international and free event HERE

"Short" to the background:

The INNONET® Kunststoff as a cluster initiative of the Technology Center Horb GmbH & Co. KG has existed for over ten years. The 120 members are SMEs, as well as large companies, e.g. fischerwerke, Arburg, Meusburger and 12 scientific institutes, mainly in southern Germany and neighbouring countries, regularly exchange ideas on the various formats of our cluster initiative.

Since the end of 2016, the Plastics InnoCentre (PLIC) in Horb am Neckar has about 300 m² of exhibition space with various presentation options (showcases, showcases, open exhibitors, TV screens, etc.) and a presentation room for up to 100 event participants.

We also have a special room for bio-based or biodegradable plastics. Since 2018, INNONET Kunststoff has also been actively involved in the EU Interreg project AlpLinkBioEco for the networking of actors in biomass production, processing and marketing.

We want to expand the topic of "bio-based" in terms of content and let our previous activities, in which more than 100 interested companies and institutions have already participated, lead to another major event in September 2019.

The event will take place in our premises in PLIC in Horb am Neckar, supported by an accompanying exhibition of products or services from this sector. We also get political tailwind from the state government.

In addition to various successful projects, we initiated a series of events for bio-based materials in
2016: Kickoff and roadmap: over 30 participants
2017: Bioplastics: Greenwashing or economic alternative, over 60 participants
2018: Shaping the future sustainably: focus on recyclates, bio-based and biodegradable plastic products, almost 90 participants
2019: 19.09.: Bioplastics International Innovation Day "Biopolymers in Broad Use - Potentials, Opportunities, Challenges", expected to be 100 participants from the key companies and clusters.

Organization partners:
BioEconomy Cluster, Polykum e.V., Innonet Kunststoff

Under moderation of Prof. Zscheile, BioEconomy Cluster, we have planned the following lectures, which have been confirmed:
  - Networking of Cluster Initiatives in Europe: Cluster Agency Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Ing. Gerd Meier zu Köcker
  - Results of the Leading-Edge Cluster BioEconomy and its Internationalization Strategy, Prof. Matthias Zscheile
  - Bio-based Materials and Bioeconomics in Europe, Dr. Ing. Christan Patermann, former Chief EU Commission Bioeconomy
  - Research Program Bioeconomy BW, University of Hohenheim, Dr. Annette Weidtmann
  - Future without fossil resources, UPM Finland, dr. Michael Duetsch
  - Overview of the bioplastics market, Nova Institute, Michael Carus

The following lectures are still in the inquiry phase:
  - Materbi - Excellency in the organic sector, Novamont Mrs. Catja Bastioli / Prof. Gunter Pauli

The following countries will be invited:
  - Austria
  - Belgium
  - Denmark
  - Finland
  - France
  - Italy
  - Netherlands
  - Norway
  - Sweden
  - Switzerland

We shall have a simultaneous translation available. Of course, you can invite your Cluster participants for this event. We ask kindly to use and/or provide to them the following LINK

If you need more information, I would be glad to hear from you.

Udo Eckloff