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Japan | Market Scoping Mission in the Railway Technologies & Services

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27/11/2017 to 01/12/2017
To event remaining 6 days
Chiba, Tokyo
35° 41' 22.6932" N, 139° 59' 29.2956" E

The PERES ESCP-4i supports the participation of its SMEs to the Mission to Japan organised by EU Business Gateway on behalf of the EU.

EU Gateway | Business Avenues will hold a Market Scoping Mission in the Railway Technology & Services sector, from 27 November – 1 December 2017 in Chiba City, in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, Japan. This will be the first mission in the Railway Technologies & Services sector.



  1. Exhibit at “Mass-Trans Innovation Japan International Fair” (http://www.mtij.jp/english)
  2. Pre-arranged meetings with potential business partners
  3. EU support pre- and post-mission (all info and details here: https://www.eu-gateway.eu/sites/default/files/collections/document/file/Railway-Technologies-and-Services-Japan-November-2017.pdf)
  4. EU co-financing up to 1,000 € for Accomodation + up to 1,000 € for Support (“Customized Services”).



Companies from the following sub-sectors can apply:

  • Rolling Stock and Locomotives including Components and Technologies: All locomotives, freight and passenger carriages/car as well as components thereof, including train cars, high speed train cars, train car doors, train engines (hybrid, electrical, green), brake systems, suspension, in-train consoles, locomotive and carriage safety technologies (fire, earthquake, flood and other).
  • Railway Infrastructure: All rail road infrastructure elements based  on three broad divisions: 1) track and track related infrastructure and components (rail-tracks, sleepers, welding, cantilevers, catenary, overhead contact systems); 2) electrical system components and provision (overhead line technologies, third rail technologies, electrification, electric component, batteries, converters, semi-conductors); 3) engineering and building infrastructure (train stations design, train station entry systems- turnstiles, platforms, zones of access).
  • Railway Service Provision and Maintenance: All elements of management and logistics and consultative services and systems, including  ticketing, passenger information technologies, and passenger services. Maintenance includes ensuring the good working order of infrastructure and rolling stock through engineering services, measurement services, repair and maintenance services, training and education, railroad and train car maintenance, management and operations.
  • Railway Command, Control and Communications: The provision of Command, Control and Communication (CCC) is essentially that of signalling systems used to control railway traffic safely, efficiently, and environmentally. CCC covers all components and operations to do with railway traffic management, control, and communication.
  • Railway Security, Safety and Crisis Prevention and Management: This sub-sector covers all systemic, training, and components that deal with emergency protocols and responses which includes, carriage safety technologies (fire, flood, earthquake and other), earthquake resistant components and parts for railway infrastructures, emergency systems, safety technologies, and security systems. 



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