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NSCAS - Nordic Summer Colloquium on Advanced Steel

28/08/2017 to 08/09/2017
Various locations Borlänge
60° 29' 3.4944" N, 15° 26' 2.2884" E

Triple Steelix 2.0 arranges the third summer symposium on advanced steel, NSCAS (Nordic Summer Colloquium on Advanced Steel). Our business community, municipalities and universities are all participating.

A unique opportunity – The world comes to us

NSCAS spreads a message about an attractive region and is the beginning of successful collaborations that puts our municipalities, universities, and the steel-engineering industry on the map for their quality performances.

NSCAS is a unique opportunity for the future steel researchers to meet the Swedish industry tradition and lifestyle, and for Bergslagens industry to create long-term collaborations.

“NSCAS puts the region’s steel- and engineering industry in the international spotlight, which is important for our innovative companies to remain their leading position. We are expanding our horizons by attracting new international competence”, says Elisabeth Dahlstedt project leader for NSCAS and responsible for Attractivity and competence development at Triple Steelix 2.0.

We are creating a meeting point where young international top competence comes together with business sector and FoU-leaders, and where they can get to know the region and connect with the academy. The established researchers contribute with their experience and the young Swedish researchers create new contacts.

An international exchange of competence

The international research students will present their latest advances of modern material- and process technique, have scientific discussions and participate in the High Tech Steel Conference. www.htsc.se

NSCAS highlights the existing international interest for the Swedish steel industry. Both the Swedish society, universities and steel companies and the PhD Students have a lot to give and to learn from each other.

“NSCAS paves the way for competence, and has the potential to position the Swedish Steel industry and innovation on an international level”, says Jan Andersson, director and process leader for the innovation and development organisation Triple Steelix 2.0.

For more information on NSCAS visit www.nscas.se