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Webinar DIVA : Maturity of photonic technologies for the agri-food sector

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Feeding the world all along the 20th century  has required strong innovation in various field like biology, chemistry, genomics leading to some concerns 50 years later in biodiversity, farmer’s health, soils and rivers pollution. In the 21st century,  Agro-industry will have to continue to produce more and better with less chemicals while new arable land will remain scarce and water resources under stress. IT Solution can help to improve global yield  with tighter management of data in plant health and quality monitoring and breeding, and also from reduction of food waste all along the supply chain.

Photonics industry, which has drastically moved to smarter, lighter and more reliable products in the last 10 years can propose a large portfolio of remote, non-destructive, quantitative and qualitative solution for massive data production. Beside the eyes, UAV (legs), low power communication (voice), artificial intelligence(brain) provide an ideal setting for a fast and successful deployment of Photonics technologies from the field to the fork. 

This webinar will focus on new advanced calibrated sensors like hyperspectral VNIR/SWIR, LIDAR, thermal imaging, process Spectroscopy in food transformation and food packaging. It will present new products e.g. in imaging (4D, Hyperspectral ), Spectroscopy, lighting as well as enabling photonics technologies for these new products.
This webinar is co-organised by the DIVA project and by Optitec, a French Cluster specialised in photonics. For more information :