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Webinar DIVA: Robotics for Smart Agriculture and Forestry

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Learn more about the main players on robotics for Smart Precision Agriculture and Forestry, and present trends, opportunities and challenges on developping robotics for Smart Precision Agriculture. 
This webinar will give a general presentation about the works of the Laboratory of Robotics and IoT for Smart Precision Agriculture and Forestry of INESCTEC R&D, the Portuguese Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, technology and Science.

INESC TEC has an Agriculture and Forestry R&D line with a 10-year road-map, considering the Protuguese reality (needs and desires) and aligned to the European Robotics agenda. This R&D line is focused in three main context application: Pemanent Crops (Steep Slope Vineyards), Forest biomass harvesting, Greenhouses (urban and traditional). It develops cost-effective visual-based sensors, manipulators and smart small machinery with advanced localisation, mapping, control and perception algorythms (where technology tranfer may occur) in order to increase the agricutural task precision in these three main agriculture and forestry contexts.

This webinar is co-organised by DIVA project and by INESC TEC. For more information :