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Workshop Innovation – Alternatives to leather

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Villa Creatis
2 rue des muriers
45° 47' 32.622" N, 4° 49' 12.7956" E

Techtera offers you to participate in a workshop on the theme of alternatives to traditional animal leather, such as: synthetic « leather » (from synthetic fibers), vegan « leather » (from natural fibers of fungus) and fish « leather » (form food wastes).

Alternatives to leather are part of an eco-responsible approach and are increasingly demanded by the consumers, wishing to buy products in accordance with ethical standards. So far quite marginal, the production of such materials in not industrialized yet, but this field is on the rise. 

A lot can be done regarding the production, the materials and their visibility, so come (re)discover, think, discuss and collaborate on this topic with professionnals of the industry (producers of alternatives to leather, brands using these materials…), with the aim of launching a collaborative and innovative project!


A special delegation of fiber manufacturers for synthetic leathers from Japan will present their expertise.


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Contact : Kim PICARD-CHAÏBI –