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Name Country Region Sector(s) Cluster Excellence Label ESCP-4i Membership
CASTRA Bulgaria Югозападен (Yugozapaden) Aerospace Vehicles and Defense, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Blue Growth Industries, Digital Industries

Electronic engineering, Aeronautical technology / Avionics

Space, Information service activities
Other -
CAT.AL, High Technology Agrifood Lombardy Cluster (Parco Tecnologico Padano) Italy Lombardia Agricultural Inputs and Services, Biopharmaceuticals

Biotechnology, Food security & safety
Bronze Label EU4FOOD, SPACE2ID
Catalan Fashion Cluster Spain Cataluña Apparel, Business Services

Finisher related to Textiles Technology

Advanced manufacturing systems, Textiles, wearing apparel & leather& related products
Bronze Label
Other: National Label - Agrupaciones de Empresas Invoadoras, and Regional Label - Catalonia Clusters
Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) Spain Cataluña Environmental Services, Water Transportation

Environmental Industries

Drinking Water, Industrial Water Treatment

Water transport & related services, Waste collection, treatment&disposal activities, materials recovery & remediation activities
Bronze Label
Other: AEI (Ministry of Industria, Energy and Tourism) and Catalonia Clusters
CATALONIA BIOMASS CLUSTER Spain Cataluña Environmental Services, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Environmental Industries

Solid biomass

Bio fuels & energy efficiency, Power generation / renewable sources
Bronze Label
Other: Catalonia Clusters
Catalonia Logistics Spain Cataluña Transportation and Logistics

Blue Growth Industries, Environmental Industries

Air pollution control for cars and transport, Charging system

Transport & logistics, Transport & logistics (incl. highways of the seas)
Bronze Label -
Catalonia Mental Health Cluster Spain Cataluña Appliances, Biopharmaceuticals

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Creative Industries

Health information management, Neurology, Brain Research

e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing), Human health activities (medical services)
Bronze Label
Other: Member of Catalonia Cluster
CataloniaBio Spain Cataluña Biopharmaceuticals

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

Bioinformatics, Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering

Industrial biotechnology, Nanotechnology
Bronze Label -
CATIM Portugal Norte Automotive, Metalworking Technology

Digital Industries, Environmental Industries

Machine Tools, Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)

Advanced manufacturing systems, Machinery & equipment n.e.c.
CBB Capbiotek France Bretagne Business Services

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Blue Growth Industries

Biobased Materials, Bioprocesses

Marine biotechnology, Biotechnology
ISO 9001 certification, label Crédit Impôt Recherche, Cellule de Diffusion Technologique -
CBIT - Cluster of Bukovina innovation technologies Ukraine Other Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Digital Industries, Mobility Technologies

Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security, Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
CBM scrl Italy Friuli-Venezia Giulia Biopharmaceuticals, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Digital Industries

Diagnostics, Diagnosis, Medical Research

e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing), Industrial biotechnology
CD2E France Nord - Pas-de-Calais Business Services, Construction Products and Services

Environmental Industries

Clean Production / Green Technologies, Environmental Engineering / Technology

Eco-innovations, Resource efficiency
Other EnW
CE3M Morocco None Distribution and Electronic Commerce, Electric Power Generation and Transmission

Mobility Technologies
Bronze Label -
CENFIM Spain Comunidad Valenciana Furniture, Hospitality and Tourism

Creative Industries, Digital Industries

Household Goods & Appliances, Environmental Engineering / Technology

Advanced manufacturing systems, Furniture
Bronze Label
Other: Catalonia Clusters Programme
CenSec Denmark Midtjylland Aerospace Vehicles and Defense, Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

Digital Industries

Aeronautical technology / Avionics, Satellite Navigation Systems

ICT trust, cyber security & network security, Advanced manufacturing systems
Silver Label EU KETs4Dual-Use
Center for organic production Selenča Serbia City of Belgrade Agricultural Inputs and Services, Education and Knowledge Creation

Precision agriculture, Traceability of food
Centre for Energy Technologie Cluster - Free Enterprise Association Poland Dolnośląskie Construction Products and Services, Education and Knowledge Creation

Environmental Industries

Photovoltaics, Solar/Thermal energy

Specialised construction activities, Power generation / renewable sources
Bronze Label -
Centre for Transport Safety and Vehicle Diagnostics Poland Mazowieckie Automotive, Transportation and Logistics

Environmental Industries, Experience Industries

Construction engineering (design, simulation), Materials, components and systems for construction

Motor vehicles & other transport equipments, Scientific research & development
Other: -

Advanced Packaging, Digital Industries

Composite materials, Plastics and Rubber related to Chemical Technology

Chemicals & chemical products, Rubber & plastic products
Bronze Label
Other: AEI - Agrupacion Empresarial Innovadora Española
CEQUIP Spain Cataluña Production Technology and Heavy Machinery

Digital Industries, Environmental Industries

Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment, Management of construction process & life

Advanced manufacturing systems, Repair & installation of machinery & equipment
Bronze Label
Other: Catalonia Clusters
Céréales Vallée France Auvergne Agricultural Inputs and Services, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Crop Production, Precision agriculture

Sustainable agriculture, Sustainable energy & renewables
Pôle de compétitivité -
Chamber of Marathwada Industries And Agriculture(CMIA) India Other Automotive, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Bio-pharmaceuticals, Blue Growth Industries

Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems, Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing)
Gold Label
Other: State level Energy Conservation Award by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)
Chemistry Cluster Bavaria Germany Oberbayern Business Services

Organic Substances, Household Goods & Appliances

Bio fuels & energy efficiency
Gold Label -
Cherkasy IT Cluster Ukraine Other Business Services, Financial Services

Applications for Transport and Logistics, CRM - Customer relationship Management