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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs related to the Call for Expression of Interest ESCP-S3 (9)

I am not interested in expressing my own interest in an ESCP-S3 initiative, but only interested to find out what the others are doing. How can I follow what is happening?

If you do not wish to reply/comment to a partner search posting but still would like to be notified of replies or updates to it, you can follow the respective partner search by clicking on the green button „Follow“.

My cluster organisation has a published profile, but I cannot create a Partner Search request to upload my expression of interest. What to do?

This is probably the case when someone else from your organisation has the administrator rights of your cluster organisation profile. Please ask your colleague who is in charge of your ECCP profile to add you as a cluster profile member (it takes less than 30 seconds!) – but first make sure that you yourself have a registered user account on the ECCP, so your email address is already in the system:

  • He/she should go to the cluster profile page
  • He/she should click on „Add your colleague“
  • He/she should enter your email address in the field „Registered email address“ 
  • He/she should click on „Add“ and the system will confirm the success of the procedure.
  • Now you can upload any time of content you want on the Partner Search as well as on your cluster organisation profile.
How do we know if others are interested in the initiative we have also chosen?

Click on the button „Follow“ and you will receive an email notification about all the comments/postings related to this initiative.

How do we know when other organisations are interested in joining our initiative?

Once the expression of interest is published by you in this section, the interested organisations/users logged in can express their own interest in joining your initiative by clicking „Express interest“ and you will receive an email notification.

We are not a cluster organisation (but a science park/other business network organisation/technology centre) and would like to initiate cooperation for the ESCP-S3 Call for Expression of Interest. How can we do that?

Either you have already identified one/more cluster organisation(s) you would like to work with in this context or you can identify it/them from the list of profiled cluster organisations (http://www.clustercollaboration.eu/cluster-list). This organisation can then post the expression of interest on your behalf.

We do not have a cluster profile published on ECCP. Can we express our interest?

Without a published cluster profile, you cannot INITIATE a partner search (post your initiative), but if you have a user account, you can express your interest in participating in other initiatives already published in this section. Just click on “Express interest” on the respective posting. Alternatively, you can ask a cluster organization with a published profile and with whom you already cooperate for this action to post the message.

We want to upload our concept note: how we can do that?

After clicking the button “Create Partner Search Request” (see below answer) you can copy & paste the text in the description field. You also have the possibility to upload (attach) an external document.

What do cluster organisations need to do to express their interest and which steps to follow:

If a cluster organisation wants to set up a consortium addressing a certain topic, the steps are:

  • The cluster organisation must have a published profile on ECCP. If this is not yet available, either create a profile http://www.clustercollaboration.eu/node/add/cluster-profile or if the process was initiated, check if the profile was submitted for validation.
  • Click on the blue big button „Create Partner Search Request“. We also invite users to pre-view the process by clicking on the black button „? Tour“.
  • For further assistance, please also check the Partner Search guidelines

If a user (belonging to a cluster organisation or a different type of organisation) wants to express interest for an already published ESCP-S3 initiative, the steps are:

  • The user must have a filled user account (be registered and logged in) and must click on the blue line „Express interest“. 
  • Fill in the 2 fields requested.
  • Save the content.
Is it possible to answer to Call for Expression of Interest without posting a “partner search”? If yes, how?

The only way to answer the Call for Expression of Interest is by posting your intention (concept note) in the partner search section of the ECCP.

Platform Questions (23)

I wanted to modify the cluster profile (Vehicule du Futur). Now, the question "International Cooperation - The main countries addressed by the cluster organisation through international activities" is a required field, but we don't have any activities outside Europe/CROME. And "- none -" is not provided as answer. I don't want to put a country where we don't have any activities! What can I do? Thanks for your help. Thomas RÖHR EPM - PVF

Dear Mr. Röhr,
Thank you for your message. We will insert the option "none" in the profile and will let you know as soon as this is done, so that you can complete and publish your profile on the ECCP
Kind regards
Your ECCP team

Hello, I just realized that our cluster Images et Reseaux was created twice, you can remove the more recent creation in August 2016 by me. Thanks, Darin Beach

Thank you for informing us, we will proceed accordingly
Kind regards,
Your ECCP team

Dear, I would like to update some section of our cluster (IAR - The French Bioeconomy Cluster). However, I cannot find any "edit button" on the cluster page as mentionned here (http://www.clustercollaboration.eu/faq-page/how-can-we-update-our-cluster-data). Thank you for your help. Best regards, Antoine

Dear Sir/Madam,

as your profile is already published please click on 'New draft' button (same, light blue color) to create and edit a new draft of your profile.

Best regards,

Alina Danielescu

Information about contact person are related to one person (female), but the photo is of another person (male). How can I upload the other photo?

Dear Milica, you can edit your profile (remove the photo and replace it with another one) and re-submit for validation.

Kindly consider that the details for the photo referred to the cluster's manager photo while the contact person could be a different one.

Best regards,


Alina Danielescu 


Hello, Please clarify where I can find information on the 13 old European Strategic Cluster Partnerships. Why these ESCP are not available on your website? Does that mean these ESCPs are considered by EC as non-existent or not active any more? Kind regards Dorota Fraczek

Dear Dorota,

Thank you for your message! The information on ESCPs is not lost, it will soon be accessible directly on the new platform, in a higher visibility.

Best regards,

Alina Danielescu

I inserted an event in my cluster profile. However the event does not show up on the upcoming events agenda. How can I publicize my event in the matchmaking events agenda?

Dear Elisabeta,

thank you for your message. Please let us know (link to your cluster profile/event) what event you are referring to.

Kind regards,
Alina Danielescu

1. Cluster Excellence Label: Bronze 2. Composition of the cluster: all the data 3. Name and link of major players: add: Rzeszow University of Technology

Please log in with your password, then you will see on the right hand top side of the page the name of your cluster. Please click on it and you will enter your profile. Please click then on the Edit or New draft button (light blue) and start editing your profile. When you finish, do not forget to save!

Please explain how to insert an invitation for an open event on the cluster profile. Thank you Morten

Dear Morten,
First log in with your password, then you see on the top right hand side the name of your cluster organisation. Click on it and you enter the profile. Click the light blue button "Manage content" and then click the button "Create news" or "Create event" accordingly. Please do not forget to save your editing. If still unclear, please read the registration guide that you can find at the bottom of the page.
Your ECCP team

Please explain how to insert an invitation for an open event on the cluster profile. Thank you Morten

Dear Morten,
Please enter your profile by clicking on its name on the top right-hand side of the main page, then click on the blue button "Events" and the yellow button for "News & documents" and upload. And save.
Kind regards,
Your ECCP team

You can publish an event on ECCP on your own cluster organisation's profile and/or on your ESCP-4i profile (if you are administrator of such a profile)

I put our address and after saving it is marked red - Novosadska 322, 21235 Temerin, Serbia. It is the same address as it was on the old version of website

Please try to input the same address in Serbian. Новосадска 322 this should be good.

I am writing from Romania on behalf of two newly founded clusters: - CATIO: the first eastern European cluster specialized on oncology innovation - CERTI: a new innovation cluster in IT/tech horizontal We want to expand our network and cooperate with/using ECCP however we are facing organization registration problems within ECCP site due to our newly founded status. Is it possible to register the new clusters and start using the platform ? Thank you !

If it is visible for third parties (through internet research) that you are a cluster organisation (including industry -and particularly SMEs - , research and other members of the policy and regional ecosystem in your cluster), that you perform activities dedicated to the "(a) animation of the cluster to facilitate collaboration, information sharing and the provision or channelling of specialised and customised business support services; (b) marketing of the cluster to increase participation of new undertakings or organisations and to increase visibility; (c) management of the cluster's facilities; and (d) organisation of training programmes, workshop and conferences to support knowledge sharing and networking and transnational cooperation.", that you have a dedicated cluster management for such activities, of course you can profile.
If this is not yet visible or in place, we suggest developing your organisation over the next months and do the profiling at a later stage. There is no added value for the other cluster organisations to search for and find an organisation with little activity and non-relevant members. You can in the meantime use the platform, which is open for almost all functionalities.

First of all you have to log in then you will see on the right top side My Cluster Profiles. Click on it and then enter the Edit modus. Don't forget to click the button "Needs Review" and save after each editing.
We would also like to invite you to read our guidelines regarding cluster profile registration. http://www.clustercollaboration.eu/faq-page/there-guide-register-and-ent...

We hope this will help you to better understand the necessary steps and send us your Cluster Profile for validation.

If you have troubles to login or register, please refer to the following document: PDF iconeccp_guide_-_registration_and_cluster_profile.pdf

Since you did not provide enough details to support you, we would like to invite you, to read our guidelines regarding cluster profile registration. http://www.clustercollaboration.eu/faq-page/there-guide-register-and-ent...

We hope this will help you to better understand the necessary steps and send us your Cluster Profile for validation.

I have registered and created a user account, but do not find the place to create a cluster profile. What is the next step to create a cluster profile?

If you created your personal account, please log in with your password and then you will see on the right top side "My cluster profile". Click on it, fill in the information - regularly save it - and at the end, at the bottom of the page, set the Moderation State on "Needs review" and SAVE, so that we can validate your profile for publishing.
You are not automatically listed, irrespective of your label, because the new platform does not build upon the old one (the new profiles are designed to support international cluster collaboration).

I didn`t see where is the "moderation state" when creating the profile, and I missed to set it on "needs review" so it goes to validation through the ECCP team. How can I change it, in order to be approved and shown on the map?

In order to have your cluster profile validated and shown on the map, you need to log into your user account, go to "my cluster profile", click the "Edit draft" button, make the changes/edits and at the very bottom of the page you have the Moderation State section, where you MUST please click on "needs review" and then click the SAVE button! Only then we can see that your profile needs to be validated and we will do that within shortly.

I registered and now I would like to create a cluster profile - what should I do?

IMPORTANT: the cluster profiles from the old ECCP platform were NOT taken over into this new one - because they were not serving the scope of supporting international cluster collaboration.
In order to create your cluster organisation profile there are 3 easy steps:
1. Create your personal account – and don’t forget to subscribe for the newsletter and ECCP weekly flash news
2. Create afterwards your cluster profile. After having completely filled it, at the end (bottom of the page), please don’t forget to set the MODERATION STATE on “NEEDS REVIEW” and push the SAVE button.
3. We will validate your profile for publishing on the website.

I have created profile for our cluster, and when I want to save it access is denied. Is it publicly visible?

No profile is public until it has been validated by one of our experts, so as long as you leave your profile in the moderation status "edit", it is not visible to other users.
Every registrant can have only one cluster profile, so if you have created a second one, access will be denied. We invite you to continue the completion of your first profile - you do not need to do it at once, but can fill information in several steps. Please make sure to always SAVE your profile for each update.
Once you have finished, please make sure to set the moderation status to "needs review" (bottom of the profile page), so it is sent to validation through the ECCP team and will be published shortly if completely filled.

I created a cluster profile on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, but it still is not shown on the overall cluster map. Do I need to do something more?

Only validated clusters are shown on the map. Your cluster profile has to be validated and published by our Experts. If you have done your Draft, please set the moderation status (bottom of the profile page) on "Needs Review" and make sure to SAVE it, so it is sent to the ECCP team for validation! Once validated, the profile will be published and also be shown on the mapping tool.

Can you plase tell me if I have to do something else beside creating the profile and tick Needs review. Thank you in advance!

Please SAVE after ticking "Needs review". Your profile will be validated as soon as possible, nothing else to do.
Your ECCP team

First log in => click on "My Cluster Profiles" => click on your profile => click on "Edit draft or New Draft" . When you finished editing, please set again the moderation state on "Needs review" and click the "Save" button.

Log in to your account or register on the platform by clicking on the button "Join the Community". On the top of the right side of the page, you have "My Cluster Profiles" by clicking the link you will be lead to create your Cluster Profile. Please make sure that at the end of the draft you set the moderation state on "Need review" in order to have your profile validated. Then "Save"!
Without the click on "needs review" your cluster profile will not be visible on the platform!