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Covid-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal

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This webpage supports the efforts of industrial clusters to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe. Over 1100 offers from companies were already channeled to the European Commission via clusters with the support from the European Cluster Alliance.

This webpage has been created to facilitate the interaction of the industrial cluster community to allow fast and direct responses within the community itself too. Its objective is twofold:

  • Serve as a one-stop shop where reliable information can be found on actions and decisions of the European Commission for industry and especially industrial clusters.
  • Support an open discussion forum where actors can share their experiences, solutions, requests and questions

The COVID-19 Forum is closed for comments. You can still follow discussion from the last two months and contribute articles to the COVID-19 Webpage

EU updates key for industry


COVID-related calls

A full list of COVID-related tenders is now available on the European Commission's official Tendering platform, TED or Tenders Electronic Daily.

Across the world, robots and drones are being repurposed and deployed as part of the COVID-19 response. For example: There are robots disinfecting hospitals or automated systems supporting the testing of millions of people. The UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network is running an online challenge for the use of medical robot technologies in areas such as disease prevention, diagnostics, screening, patient care and disease management.

Key deadlines:

3D printing technology (Additive Manufacturing) allows to quickly and cost-effectively produce specialized surgical instruments and medical devices like valves, masks and everything that may prove to be of primary importance in the fight against COVID-19. AMablethe consortium supported by the European Commission under the framework of I 4MS  (H2020 framework program), published an Open Call for Solution Ideas to

The European Commission has announced that EPAA's (European Partnership for Alternative Approaches) call to Animal Testing's 2020 3Rs Science Prize is now open for applications.The EPAA aims to promote the development, vali

Madrid Automotive Cluster is working hand in hand with the General Directorate of Industry of the Community of Madrid to channel the offers and demands of medical material urgently needed. 


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