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Blue Sea Land Expo of Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern Clusters


Blue Sea Land is the International Expo of the production of the Mediterranean and the Middle East and Africa clusters of agro-fishery-Italian and Sicilian food programs sponsored by the District Fisheries and Blue Growth in partnership with the Region of Sicily, with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Ministry of Agro-food and Forestry ,  Ministry of Economic Development , Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea to be held in Mazara del Vallo from 28 September to 1 October. In the wake of the dialogue, integration and cooperation with the countries of  Mediterranean , the Middle East , of ' North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, the Expo, now in its sixth year, promotes the development of the Green and Blue Economy in view of the' Circular Economy extended to all production sectors through the regeneration of land and marine natural resources; the economic, social, environmental and cultural; innovation in the production processes; the individual and collective responsibility from the market production and the creation of new professional figures.Blue Sea Land AIMS Also at promoting and encouraging the culinary excellence of the agro-fish-food chains, brought` Together to Promote the taste and the technological and cultural features from different parts of the world. Thanks to the activities of economic and institutional co-operation took place in the years from the District Fisheries Has Been able to Strengthen the initiative of promotion and development of the cluster model, the production philosophy of the blue economy and intercultural and interreligious dialogue. In the 2016 edition, 31 were the ambassadors of the countries of the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East present, 24 mayors, three presidents of the Chamber of Commerce, 27 general managers and three regional councilors were present.

The business meetings at the Blue Sea Land are promoted by the agency ITA-ICE , along with workshops , cooking shows, tastings, conferences, scientific meetings, cultural debates, shows and when to religion par excellence Which the Rotary invocation for peace among people.

L ' Expo  takes place in the historic center of Mazara del and Vallo in Particular in the casbah, the Arab neighborhood in the heart of the city, and for Hundreds of years is symbol of the encounter between peoples and cultures, the exchange of goods and products from around the Mediterranean. A spectacular intercultural internship where live peacefully together different cultures, religions and ethnicities, identity confirmation of Mazara del Vallo Which border cities but above dialog. 
In the historic center of Mazara exhibitors at the stands dedicated to food products of the territories of the Participating countries and partner companies, will be able to know and taste the products , the typical dishesand excellence, to visitors from all over the world: from seafood, the best wines and products of Sicily and beyond. Space for the technological innovations in the name of ' Circular Economy  and a cultural path That AIMS to engage visitors in a unique experience for the different cultures and flavors of the sea and land That characterize the Mediterranean.

To the realization of Blue Sea Land collaborate with the District Fisheries and the Blue Growth Environment Ministry , the ' Regional Ministry of Health , the Food Bank and  Rotary International  with the involvement of schools, cultural associations, sports and social, as well as to restaurants in the area, with the aim of starting projects for the exploitation of fish and food products. 
The aim of the event is to present the research, innovation, the Cluster models of Agrifood Districts and the Blue Economy, as useful tools along with environmental resources, to Achieve the protection of marine and terrestrial territorial wealth.
The Blue Sea Land edition in 2016 Showed the presence of well over 100,000 visitors, blackberries than 350 businesses, 85 buyers and about 1,500 B2B meetings; and he received a plaque of recognition of the President of the Italian Republic.




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