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e-Cosmetic 360 - Paris

To deftly address likely restrictions on movement in response to the pandemic and widen access to innovation through all the advantages of digital technology, Cosmetic 360, the international trade fair for fragrance and cosmetics industry innovation, organized by COSMETIC VALLEY cluster, has become the e-Cosmetic 360 online fair.

This decision taken far in advance to adopt a new format promises to provide a stable online environment for international attendance, business exchanges, and export assistance. But e-Cosmetic 360 will continue to be what Cosmetic 360 has always been: a panoramic 360° show floor for the industry’s cutting edge; the venue for a singular synergy of innovation, research, and business; a springboard for start-ups; and a major crossroads for project sponsors from around the world with breakthroughs to share.

Exhibitors can offer visitors more immersive, virtual showcase environments through which to discover their trailblazing solutions. AI, webinars, chat sessions, videos, and virtual stand displays (e-totems) - all on a rich and intuitive digital platform—will have the common purpose of promoting interaction between parties around the world.



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