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eDIGIREGION 2nd International Conference

Return on Innovation through Interregional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The consortium partners aim to use the dynamics of the interregional ecosystems of entrepreneurship, research and innovation together with the creativity and commercialisation boosters to advance the implementation of the EU Digital Agenda in the regions.

 Return on Innovation through interregional entrepreneurship ecosystems is an initiative that brings together regional innovators, research driven innovation clusters, creative industries and social innovators with investors, business angels, international VCs and policy makers from the European Commission and partner regions in Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Romania and nearby.

 The goal of the two-days conference is to promote excellence through innovation, improve knowledge on access to finance for innovators, foster entrepreneurship, improve investor readiness  and leverage business environment based on quadruple helix approach.

Networking Area: the event aims to be a celebration of the investment in innovation, providing the opportunity to meet people able to shape the future.

During the two days of the conference there will be launched and tested the eDIGIREGION Support Framework made up of  international specialists who will provide support to the 4 regionally selected ICT innovative concepts in each step of the commercialisation process (e.g. technical feasibility, market evaluation, funding, marketing, business development).

This event is organised inside the eDIGIREGION project, funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. 
Attendance is free of charge, in the limit of the seats available. 

For further information, please, send a message @eDIGIREGION team using [email protected] or via our Facebook page.



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