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InterNanoPoland 2019

InterNanoPoland 2019 is the biggest Business-to-Science Science-to-Business conference dedicated specifically to nanotechnology in the Central Europe. It is an international forum for scientists, entrepreneurs, business support organizations and students working in a nanotechnology and advanced materials sector. INP2019 will present newest scientific and industrial achievements in the nanotechnology and will enable dialog between the world of science and business. The major objectives of the conference are the internationalisation of nanotechnologies and advanced innovative enterprises, as well as the exchange of experiences and business contacts.

The fourth edition of the InterNanoPoland will take place 16th-17th October 2019 in Hotel Novotel, Katowice, Poland. This year our agenda consists of, among others:

  • European Nanotechnological Clusters ecosystem – panel discussion
  • Nanomaterials in Optoelectronics and Photonics
  • 3D printing and nanotechnologies
  • Nanomaterials in the environment – challenges and dangers
  • Nanomaterials in the energy industry
  • Nanotechnology – cosmetology and medicine
  • Poster session: Research and technologies aimed at the development of the nanotechnological industry
  • B2B International Session

European nanotechnology clusters ecosystem panel discussion is the forum of exchange of good practises and challenges in order to rise an awareness of clusters importance in the industry.  . It is important that in the cluster system the regional, national and international administrative bodies collaborate, especially to create nanosafety norms and innovation clusters/networks/excellence centers. We would like to initiate discussion about how to support clusters and how clusters can foster technology transfer from the universities to increase innovative potential of countries and regions. With focus on nanotechnology industry in Europe, we would like  to confront the perspective of cluster coordinators from different countries like Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Great Britain, but also of policy makers both national and European.

The main organizers of the conference are the Foundation of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Support NANONET and the Silesian Nano Cluster, whose mission is creating a platform of cooperation for entrepreneurs, scientific institutions, public administration institutions, and organising the support of businesses to increase the importance nanotechnology has in forming the future economic and innovative dimension of our region. This year the University of Silesia became one of the conference’s organisers. The city of Katowice will be the honorary host of the conference for the 4th time.

Founders and representatives of start-ups, students, scientists, representatives of companies conducting research and development activities and other organisations and individuals interested in the technological development are encouraged to take part in the conference.

Detailed information on the event is available on the conference’s website: www.internanopoland.com.

Details from previous editions of the conference are available on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.



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