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ClusterNanoRoad Pilot actions

New deadline for registration!

ClusterNanoRoad is developing three pilot actions which have the aim to help clusters work together for better identification and integration of enabling technologies into their own smart specialisation strategies.  These actions are cross-sectoral and involve clusters, policy makers and regional innovation actors. We have held an introductory webinar on September 6, the presentation will give you a bit more insight on the three actions: ClusterNanoRoad Pilot Actions – September 6 2017

Pilots are now starting, and will run for 12 months, with a combination of online and face to face services. If you are interested, you can register HERE to get your organisation involved in pilot actions. We are looking for enthusiastic and engaged participants, to ensure good impact for the actions! Registration is open until October 15th.

We will hold the following events:

October 10th, 16h-18h: Kick off Workshop for Pilot 2 - Policy Makers Working group. It will be held in the Nordic House in Brussels, and also accessible through webinar.

October 17th, 16h-18h: Kick off Webinar for Pilot 3- Cluster Collaboration Working group. 

Do not hesitate to contact Anaïs Le Corvec at [email protected] for more information!