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EU Solidarity Fund: application guidelines for Covid-19 assistance

In order to offer full support to the EU countries in preparing their applications for assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund in dealing with the coronavirus emergency, the European Commission has published specific guidelines. The objective is to use the full portfolio of funding options under the EU budget to support EU countries - with maximum flexibility, minimum additional administrative work and as quickly as possible.  

As part of the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative (CRII), the EU Solidarity Fund’s scope has been broadened to include major health emergencies. In particular, it will provide financial aid of up to €800 million to the worst affected countries in this extraordinary situation, alleviating the burden of the immediate response measures, including assistance to the population, medical assistance and equipment, support to vulnerable groups, and measures to contain the spreading of the disease, strengthening preparedness and communication. 

An EU or accession country is eligible to apply for the funding if its public financial burden for those measures exceeds the threshold of €1.5 billion (2011 prices), or 0.3 % of its GNI. If mobilised, the Fund’s contribution will be between 2.5% and 6% of the total expenditure, depending on magnitude.

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