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LASER-GO is visiting Singapore 

Recently Singapore has shown a repeated interest in linking up with Europe. Singapore Economic Development Board has been sending out representatives visiting EU countries and regions with a high-tech potential. Last year their representative visited LITEK, the coordinator of the LASER-GO partnership, and this is how the new-found links between two distant, high-tech minded countries have started to evolve.

On April 2-7 a cluster mission planned by LASER-GO will take a team from LITEK to Singapore. Singapore Economic Development Board has assisted in putting together a visit programme that would involve the meetings with the public officials in charge of economic and trade relations, a visit to the Photonics Institute at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) and a meeting with the representatives from the Lux Photonics Consortium, a joint initiative by NTU and National University of Singapore supported by the National Research Foundation and Prime Minister’s Office in Singapore. The remainder of the visit to Singapore will be dedicated to participating in the major regional trade show Manufacturing Technologies Asia 2017 (which will host the Optics and Photonics Innovation Hub) and the trade exhibition Asia Health.

This cluster mission will serve the purpose of gaining understanding about the existing barriers for the trade in high-tech products between Singapore and Europe in general and in photonics and health tech products in particular. Not only we endeavour to explore the market opportunities for our cluster companies but also look for the products offered by Singapore that could be complimentary to Europe's. A product bundling could be one of the strategies how high-tech companies can work together - by targeting the third markets by jointly cross-selling their products.