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Call for proposals: EU COSME Project INNO-DROP

Four European clusters, all consortium members of the INNO-DROP (Innovation and development in cluster excellence and cooperative partnerships) EU funded COSME project, seek submissions from suitably qualified training course providers for the provision of a classroom based training course in Cluster Excellence Management. This is an open procedure regarding the training of cluster managers in the specific fields of Cluster Benchmarking, Cluster organisation management, Industrial analysis and segmentation, Cluster economics and Change management.

The project “Innovation and development in cluster excellence and cooperative partnerships” (INNO-DROP) is based on the ambition to strengthen cluster management excellence (under European Cluster Excellence Initiative [ECEI] criteria) leading to sustainable long-term cross-cluster and cross-border collaboration. The consortia is composed of four European clusters nano technology, plasma technology-, sensor and membrane- and water technology and each of the consortia member is from a different country with a different level of cluster excellence. Project partners will jointly undertake a series of activities such as trainings, mentoring sessions and study visits and will identify the best practices, processes and tools for cluster management.

More information about the INNO-DROP project is found here.

The consortia consists of four clusters from four different countries and ESCA Labels:

Name Short name Type of cluster Location ESCA Label
BALTICNET-PLASMATEC BNPT Plasma Technology Germany Silver Label
WATER SENSORS AND MEMBRANES WSM Sensor and membrane Technology France No Label
NANOPROGRESS NP Nanotechnology Czech Republic Bronze Label but would like to go for Gold Label

This consortium wishes to select an expert(s)1 with specific knowledge in “Cluster Excellence Management Training” to provide the appropriate training in line with the requirements indicated in this document. It is the consortium’s desire to obtain knowledge and practical skills to improve the cluster management capability and enable the members to provide high quality services to their own cluster members.
The consortium members are at various levels of the European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis (ESCA) labels and therefore the training provider will need to be capable of delivering teachings, best practices, and case studies to deepen the theoretical knowledge of the consortium partners and enable interactive discussion on the challenges of cluster management to unfold. It is essential that the training provider has considerable knowledge and experience in the five training modules required by the consortium.
The desire outcomes are that the cluster members leverage the course content and tutorials to improve their own clusters at a national and international level. That they strive to create new and lasting frameworks for the long-term sustainability and relevance of their cluster and finally become more empowered as individuals in cluster excellence management.

1Applicants can be either organisations (companies, foundations, etc.) or group of natural persons. In the latter case, applicant is required to submit the proposal with only one leading member, specifying the group members and their specific skills and experience in the subjects of the 5 core modules. In case the applicant is a group of natural persons, it will fall under the leading member responsibility the level of performances and results of the other trainers of the group, being him/her the only contracting party responsible for the implementation of the task.

Required Trainings:

Topic Training 1:
Benchmarking (preparation for bronze and gold labelling, SWOT analysis [based on the Benchmarking Report from VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH], improvement capability through comparison with other cluster, improvement of strength, minimise the weaknesses, optimisation of the opportunities, realising threats and identifying possible countermeasures)
Duration: 4 hours

Topic Training 2:
Change management (internal communication, case studies, communication strategies, presentation skills)
Duration: 8 hours

Topic Training 3:
Cluster organisation management (optimisation of cluster organisations – finding substitution arrangements, clear responsibilities and thematic-orientated groups; develop internal structure modules; training on tools for cluster managements)
Duration: 12 hours

Topic Training 4:
Cluster economics (finding strategies for financing, finding new financial tools for the own cluster and for the implementation)
Duration: 2 hours

Topic Training 5:
Industrial analysis and segmentation (industry analysis, new emerging value chains, intercultural skills and internationalisation, partner interview for partner segmentation, future emerging topics for the cluster members [human resources development, innovations management])
Duration: 2 hours

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • Fully proficient in reading, writing and understanding English
  • A minimum of three (3) years professional experience in cluster training2
  • Experience of delivering of the 5 core training modules according to ECEI modules content
  • Experience in cluster analysis

2 ECEI Expert certification valued

Required Methodology
The successful expert(s) are expected to create a two-fold methodology combining a theoretical and practical approach allowing attendees to learn about real solutions to real problems.

Required date and place:
24.-27.04.2017 in Berlin, Germany

All cluster partners will receive the training in the same location in Berlin, Germany. The consortium will take care and pay for the training location in Berlin (including coffee breaks).

Number of participants:
The trainings may be combined with trainings of other participants in a bigger group, but the total number of participants will not be more than 15 people.

The trainings are calculated at eight hours per day (8 hrs per day). This will require twenty eight (28) hours during the required date.

The language of the course will be English.

Training Materials:
The successful expert(s) will be responsible for developing every support material to be used during the training programme, which must include materials (for 15 participants) prepared in the framework of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative as well as new, purpose built material and case-studies. The training materials provided are one of the project deliverables and will remain the property of the participants and can be made public.

Training certification for consortium:
The successful expert(s) is required to award certificates on completion of the training programme to the training participants.

Contracting Authorities:
As INNO-DROP is a consortium of 4 different clusters, each organisation will be responsible for contracting the successful expert(s) for their own quota. This will turn into having 4 contracts for the same expert(s).

Terms and Payment:
The estimated maximum value of the contract is 11.000 € (eleven thousand euros) including VAT and training materials. Payments will be made in Euros. The amount paid to the expert(s) shall be gross and inclusive of all associated costs such as social security, income tax, VAT, travel and accommodation costs and any other expenditure.

Evaluation criteria:
The evaluation will be based on cumulative analysis from all the four partners and will be weighted on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications 30 %
  • Expertise in other related trainings 40%
  • Best economic offer 30%

Total maximum score is 100%.
The applicants will be selected on the basis of the highest score obtained. In the case of a tie, the applicant with a lower price offer will be awarded. The evaluation of the offers received will be performed by the INNO-DROP consortium (one from each cluster).

Application procedure:
Interested applicants must submit the application documents to Katherina Ulrich (Project Manager INNO-DROP) by e-mail latest until 26.02.2017 at 23:59.
Application documents expected to contain the following information:

  • Personal contact details of the expert(s)
  • Brief summary of the relevant cluster training experiences
  • CV of the expert(s) that will be delivering the training including at least 2 references
  • Content of the training, or the training modules, proposed and offered
  • Other relevant information to prove the required qualifications and skills
  • Examples of previous trainings

All documents and information provided must be in English.

Publication date 17.01.2017
Question deadline 07.02.2017 14:00
Answer deadline 14.02.2017
Time limit for receipt of application 26.02.2017 23:59 (by email)
Time for reply to the applicants 15.03.2017

Contact details:
Katherina Ulrich
Project Manager INNO-DROP
BalticNet-PlasmaTec e.V.
Brandteichstr. 20
17489 Greifswald, Germany
Phone: +49 3834 550105
Fax: +49 3834 550110
Email: ku@balticnet-plasmatec.org
Skype: ulrich_bnpt

Sunday, 26 February, 2017