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First open call for €4.2m ONTOCHAIN project

The EU-funded project ONTOCHAIN has €4.2 million to develop a new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable, and transparent ontological knowledge management, and is looking for internet innovators to co-create it.

Eighteen proposals will be selected in this first open call of the project to produce functional and technical specifications for the ONTOCHAIN framework.

Through a 7-month supporting programme, participants will get up to €123,000 (equity-free funding), free coaching and free access to top infrastructure.

How it works?

In the first phase of the programme, the 18 selected projects will start by conceptualising a research project for one of the following topics:

  • Applications
  • Semantic interoperability
  • On-chain data management
  • Off-chain knowledge management
  • Ecosystem economy
  • Ecosystem scalability and integration

Six of them will proceed to the second phase to elaborate the concept proposed in phase one and prepare design specifications to be implemented. Additionally, the best projects will be awarded for the publication of their outcomes.

Find out more here and apply here.

Friday, 15 January, 2021