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Cool Silicon goes international

Cool Silicon will start in 2017 with the internationalisation of its cluster, thanks to winning a grant by the German Ministry of Science. The project named iCool will deal not only with the development of an internationalisation strategy, but also with the development of new services for its members with regard to innovation management, research and international collaboration.

Furthermore, at least 3 projects will be developed with international partners. While the German partners will get up to 3 million Euro from the German funding agency, a respective amount of funding is expected also by the international partners. Projects will be developed in the fields of production and process technologies with regard to semiconductor production, mobile technologies as well as sensor networks. All projects should have a strong focus on the core competency of the cluster Cool Silicon which is energy efficiency for and by ICT. Interested cluster managers might contact Frank Bösenberg, cluster manager of Cool Silicon, for more details.