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Danube Energy+ Regional Alliance meets in Karlsruhe

During the meeting, InnoEnergy gathered key ecosystem stakeholders in order to present the Danube Energy+ Ecosystem Package and gather feedback. During the meeting, the key elements of the Ecosystem Package were disussed, including: the best ways to promote the Danube Energy+ Tool and motivate Young Innovators, the key institutions through which to reach Young Innovators, as well as the future steps in the implementation of the Ecosystem Package in practice.

Each of the 9 project partners formed a Regional Alliance t the start of the project - a group of  representatives of business and industry, education institutions and the local startup ecosystem (startups, incubators etc.). The purpose of the Regional Alliance meetings is to gather feedback on the most important topics of Danube Energy+, including: the Danube Energy+ Tool, Ecosystem Package and Pilot. The feedback of the members of the Regional Alliance is then taken into account in order to improve the outcomes of the project.