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Discover how French startups and SME face the crisis

After we had revealed a few weeks ago the first results of our first barometer dedicated to innovative start-ups and SMEs of our ecosystem, we have carried out at the end of May 2020 a second consultation wave in order to measure the evolution of the situation ( available in English this time!). 

Turnover and cash flow


In terms of turnover insight, 54% of the companies surveyed had a stable turnover between March and April 2020.


Concerning Cash flow capacity, 47% of the interrogated companies indicate that their current cash flow capacities will allow them to hold for more than 6 months. 




Despite the difficulties, 85% of companies expect a stable or increasing wage bill in the next 3 months. 


Support programs


Among the 78% of start-ups and SMEs that requested one or many support programs on national or regional level since the beginning of the crisis, the PGE ( Prrêt Garanti par l'Etat) on the top of the list. 


The next priorities


In response to the crisis, entrepreneurs have reviewed their priorities to focus firstly their activities on: 

#1 - Commercial Prospecting

#2 - Adaptation of their services offer 


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