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ICT Cluster - Burgas joins the largest employer organization KRIB-Burgas

The two branch organizations will work for the development of advanced technologies and the entrepreneurial environment in Burgas and the region. 


"It is an honor and pride to join the most authoritative business organization in Bulgaria", shared Petko Georgiev, President of ICT Cluster - Burgas. "We have worked surprisingly well with KRIB until now and the companies and organisations, which are members of KRIB, this motivates us to double our efforts in the future, for the establishment of Burgas as an attractive place for business and economic development", he added.


Stoyan Karanenov, president of KRIB-Burgas welcomed the newest member of the KRIB in Burgas - ICT Cluster - Burgas and shared that the combined efforts of the business in Burgas are the road that guarantees the successful economic future of Bulgaria.


The regional structure of KRIB-Burgas brings together a large number of successful companies with sustainable growth, leaders in their branches. KRIB-Burgas defends and represents their economic interests, popularizes and encourages their investment activity and their responsible social and public involvement, informs them in due time about regulatory changes, assists with information, specialists and concrete information about issues concerning various, including international, cases.


The activities of KRIB-Burgas are refined to the specific needs of the Burgas region, the corresponding highlighted sectors, proximity to specific countries and exploiting the possibility of creating partnerships. Enhanced interaction with local authorities, by implementing joint initiatives and activities, as well as with training institutions – Universities and Schools in the region. The specialized business forums, organized together with solid partners at national level give an opportunity to the member companies of KRIB-Burgas to draw know-how in the field of investment and various business specifics directly from the best sources.


ICT Cluster - Burgas joins the largest employer organization KRIB-Burgas