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inDemand - East Netherlands launches 2 calls for European digital health companies

Receive up to € 17,500, to co-create and test your digital health solution with a healthcare organization, and benefit from personalized business support. Apply by the 13th January 2020!


East Netherlands (EN) is a member of the inDemand Community, a group of regions committed to implementing the inDemand model to stimulate demand-driven innovation. How does it work? 
•    EN identified 2 healthcare challenges
•    EN launches a call for digital health companies to solve the challenges with technology
•    EN offers € 17,500 and business support to the winners.
The first challenge relates to “digital support for (ex) cancer patients regarding stress-related complaint”. Many (ex) cancer patients experience a wide variety of issues. However, following the end of their clinical pathway, they find themselves on their own: this significantly impacts their lives. Rijnstate is looking for a way to help (ex) cancer patients recognize, identify and self-assess their stress-related issues. 
The second challenge identified is “Clinical pathway planning tool for bariatric patients”. Planning of the clinical pathway for patients undergoing bariatric surgery is a very time-consuming, complex process which is prone to errors and where several stakeholders are involved working for different organizations. Rijnstate is looking for a tool to help planning a clear clinical pathway for a patient undergoing bariatric surgery, providing a better patient journey.
Companies awarded will: 
•    Co-develop and validate the solution within the Rijnstate hospital and its healthcare. professionals. This hospital is one of the larger top clinical hospitals in The Netherlands
•    Receive funding up to € 17,500 from the Province of Gelderland.
•    Business support to improve commercial and financial traction delivered by OostNL (The East Netherlands Development Agency).
•    A first commercial reference to sell the solution elsewhere after the pilot. 
•    Intellectual Property.

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inDemand model: digital solutions with a high success rate
inDemand is a new model where healthcare organizations and companies co-create digital health solutions, with the financial support of regional public funds. This model is innovative because it applies at the same time demand-driven and co-creation approaches. 
This EU project is currently being developing in three pilot regions: Murcia (Spain), Paris (France) and Oulu (Finland). 
Furthermore, 10 European regions are replicating this innovative model. The inDemand Community is composed by Aragón, Cantabria, Extremadura, Madrid, Navarra, East Netherlands, Pomorskie, Piemonte and Tampere.
The consortium
inDemand consortium is composed of 11 partners. The Healthcare organizations are SMS and FFIS in Murcia, RESAH in Paris Region and NOHD in Oulu. The public regional funders are INFO in Murcia, Choose Paris Region and Oulu Council. The business supporters are Ticbiomed in Murcia, Medicen Paris Region and Business Oulu. The team is completed with Errin and Oulu University supporting the dissemination and the methodology implementation.

Find more information about inDemand in the webpage www.indemandhealth.eu.

The inDemand project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No763735.