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‘inDemand’ is looking for European companies to co-create with healthcare professionals from Murcia Region in Spain


February 2018

Get up to 30,000 €, co-create and test your digital health solution with a healthcare organisation and receive personalized business support. Apply before 30th April 2018!


Murcia Region challenges

inDemand is a new model where Healthcare organizations and companies co-create Digital Health solutions, with the economic support of public regional funds. This EU project is currently being developing in three pilot regions: Murcia (Spain), Paris (France) and Oulu (Finland). Why is this model innovative? inDemand applies at the same time demand-driven and co-creation approaches.

Murcia Region has launched its first call for companies interested in solving 4 challenges. “More than 100 professionals from Murcia proposed 78 challenges, even though only 4 could win. Such a high participation shows that innovative healthcare professionals are interested in co-creation. They definitely are in the driving seat of innovation”, explains Jorge González, director of TICBioMed and coordinator of inDemand.

The first challenge to tackle in Murcia Region is called ‘ACRA’ and it’s looking for avoiding care re-admission. The second challenge is ‘MENUDO’, focused on a child obesity support solution for healthcare providers and families. The third one is ‘EPITIC’, seeking a digital patient-doctor communication channel for epilepsy management. The fourth challenge is ‘HEAT’, which proposes a healthcare training management platform.

Companies awarded will:

  • Co-develop and validate the solution within the SMS and its healthcare professionals.  

  • Receive funding up to 30,000 €.

  • Business support to improve commercial and financial traction delivered by TICBioMed.

  • A first commercial reference to sell the solution elsewhere after the pilot.

  • Intellectual Property

European companies interested in inDemand Murcia Region call should apply before 30th April 2018. The four challenges have been detected by Servicio Murciano de Salud (SMS), the regional healthcare provider. The competitive call has been launched by the funding organization, Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia (INFO).

Companies may also be interested in challenges from Oulu and Paris Region. Their open call will be launched during March. Keep updated on the project website www.indemandhealth.eu.


inDemand model: digital solutions with higher success rate

inDemand solves challenges identified by the customer -the Healthcare organizations-. That’s why we talk about a demand-driven model. This approach is going to increase the capacity of health entities to systematically identify and solve their needs while creating opportunities for private companies”, clarify Jorge González.  

About the added value of the co-creation process between Healthcare organizations and IT companies, González points out that “the expected results are digital solutions with higher success rate -in terms of their application in practice/market uptake- because they have been developed side by side with the client. Thanks to co-creation, developers will have an agile feedback and a better view of the needs”.


The consortium

inDemand consortium is composed of 11 partners. The Healthcare organizations are SMS and FFIS in Murcia, RESAH in Paris Region and NOHD in Oulu. The public regional funders are INFO in Murcia, Paris Region Entreprises and Oulu Council. The business supporters are TICBioMed in Murcia, Medicen Paris Region and Business Oulu. The team is completed with Errin and Oulu University supporting the dissemination and the methodology implementation.

The inDemand project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No763735.

Find more information about inDemand in the webpage www.indemandhealth.eu.