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„Intelligent Romania” - Clusters United to Promote an Improved Legislation

Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, iTech Transilvania Cluster and AgroTransilvania Cluster have launched their newest project in October: "Intelligent Romania / România Inteligentă". The scope of this project, funded with European money, is to transform the needs and realities of the companies that are active in the Northwest region of Romania into alternative public policies. This is not the first collaborative project for the three clusters, but it may be the most ambitious so far. Each cluster has included in the project team one public policy expert and one strategic planning expert so that, by the end of this year, the project team will prioritize the strategy and create the working methodology. The experts will use this agreed upon documents in the meetings with the stakeholders from the economic ecosystem of the Northwest region of Romania.

In the next months, the group meetings with economic agents in this region will be the source of extracting information about the factors that hinder business activity and deserve to be the subject of alternative legislative proposals. Through a coherent process of consultations and debates, the "Intelligent Romania" project will also outline a good practice guide that will be useful over the long term.

More details about this initiative were given at the local TV station - TVR Cluj - by the three clusters managers: Ciprian Morcan - Transylvan Furniture Cluster, Bianca Muntean - iTech Transilvania Cluster, Felix Arion - Agro Transilvania Cluster.