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IoT Show Room Agrifood. Call 2019

Cluster Information Technology State of Colima


A corporate Information Technology that have solutions Internet of Things ( IoT ) applied to the food industry, to get a space at the Center for Industrial Innovation Agrifood in the form of collaborative space ( Coworking ), taking some of the following categories:

  • Irrigation management
  • Mapping plots/farms
  • Weather monitoring
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Precision farming
  • Predictive analytics crops
  • Remote monitoring equipment
  • Intelligent logistics and storage (physicalcyber space)
  • Other associated agrifood value chain


The IoT Show Room is a stock of IoT solutions hosted at the Center for Industrial Innovation Agrifood (CII Agro) operated by the IT cluster Colima.

  1. Companies interested in being part of this stock solution must send the curriculum of the company   along with data from the contact person.
  2. Send Mail   a presentation on IoT solution format pdf with a maximum of five pages.
  3. The solution should be specialized in a specific culture or specific production process, and if applied to more than one crop, it should require minimal customization and adjustment.
  4. Should the solution be selected you will be notified to the company via email and the company must present legal documentation specified there, as well as three letters of recommendation from customers who currently use the IoT solution presented.
  5. The cluster will provide a workspace to the person assigned by the company to make adjustments and implementation of the solution, and the facilities to run the demonstration tests of the solution to visitors.
  6. The cluster will promote and give visibility to hosted solutions in the IoT Show Roomin the agricultural region of the Central Pacific Zone: Colima, Jalisco and Michoacan.
  7. One solution by category or similar purposes will only be accepted.
  8. The monthly investment working position is $600 EU per month per person. In case of a company certified by the cluster you will get 50% discount.

Ms. Amelia Sanchez Espinal. 
Services Manager