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Iot training Sessions


IoT4Industry Training Sessions

These meetings represent the occasion to focus in digital manufacturing its role of production accelerator and its ability reduce costs and improving market response times. Participants will receive a panorama of IoT Technologies enriched by use cases presentation aiming at providing awareness about smart digital solutions to industrial sectors. 

IoT4Industry “training tour” started in Italy on 14th September 2018 in Turin on the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES BEST PRACTICES & GRANTS (details on the newsletter #2 section DOWNLOAD) with a special session dedicated to the IoT4Industry Launch. 

IoT4Industry has been presented in France on 27th September with two meetings : 

  • The morning session organized by Mont-Blanc Industries Cluster  together with the region Partner in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, where participants (25 SMEs) discover IoT4Industry Call opportunities and how to apply and realised a digital diagnostic to give them inputs on which measures they can pretend to digitalize their factory ;  Details Here
  • The afternoon session in Brignoles, (Chambre de Commerce de Brignoles, South of France) presented by Pole SCS,  trained around 25 between SMEs, large companies, clusters on the Industry 4.0 market opportunities helped by case studies of premises like Olsa, Schneider Electric and the cluster Pole Mer. Details here

2nd October 2018, Namur area, Belgium : Pôle MecaTech introduced IoT4industry Call and its opportunities for the participants, together with 4 use cases presentation of the companies Pépite, Mantenance Partners, Things Play and I-care. Details here

IoT4Industry Next Tour Stages 
11th October 2018 IoT4Industry in UK : training session by MTC Details here
12th October 2018  IoT4Industry in Germany : mSWT Session Details here  
18th October 2018  IoTIndustry Belgium DSP Valley Training Session, Details here

IoT4Industry key topics : watch the VIDEO 

Do not hesitate to check IoT4Industry second newsletter! You will find all of the latest updates about IoT4Industry “Call for Collaborative Projects” that opened on 20th September 2018. Download Area 

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